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How to Engage New Customers With Video Display Advertising

Display advertising, and more specifically, Video Marketing is a great way to engage potential customers. Recent evidence suggests that visitors are more likely to click on a video ad than the more common text based variations. This makes sense, giving the natural psychological tendency of on-line visitors which leans towards the quest for entertainment even when we are looking for serious information. Google’s click to play (CTP) video ad system has proved a great way to get some relevant and targeted traffic to your site.

Google are also in the process of rolling out their new ‘media ads’. This allows for video ads to be displayed in the search results.

Google's search based video ads
Google has started to display video ads on the search network.

Video ads should be fun, creative and to the point. They are usually only a few seconds long – just about enough to keep the searcher engaged, and to want to know more about the product and possibly make a purchase. There are a number of video creation tools, like Camtasia and Animoto, which give the option to inscribe your company logo as a watermark for increase branding.

Affiliate marketers that are just starting out or anyone on a slim budget would benefit tremendously from the video creating tools like Animoto because it is free for the basic package once you sign up. What it does is taking about six to ten pictures that you have selected to help get your message across and with the push of a button create a Hollywood standard video complete with music that you have previously chosen from a selection of free music sites.

It is advisable to read through Google’s official Video ad site in order to get a good feel of their individual platforms. If used correctly, video ads can be a very lucrative method to drive more business and gain increased profits for your business.

Ofcourse Google owned Youtube has its own very effective video advertising system called “Promoted Videos”, but this will be covered in more detail in a future post!

Here is a quick video from google that will give you more insight – Happy advertising.

Google Video Advertising Solutions for advertisers