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Google On GDPR Pop Ups Notices With Search & SEO

Today, implied consent or the ones given just by visiting a site is no longer enough. This same directive goes for your pop ups too. There is now the need to make sure that your pop ups comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation. The result is that there have been tons of emails on GDPR flooded to user’s address over the past few weeks. Now, many fear that the GDPR pop ups will affect search and SEO. However, Google has said that it doesn’t necessarily have to. Websites do not need to use intrusive interstitials to let your visitor know of GDPR changes on your website.

Well, the short account is that Google has no exception for the interstitial penalty for GDPR requirements. This means that you can use them provided they are not intrusive. What it means by this is that it is okay if you have the pop up on top of the content itself. For instance, if you load with an HTML and you are using  JavaScript to show the pop up on it, then that is good. This way, the user can still see the main content behind the pop up.

However, if the user has to click another button to actually get to the content itself, Google will frown upon it. This is the case when you replace the entire content with an interstitial or redirect to an interstitial making Googlebot click a button to access the content. Of course, this way, the content will not pass the mobile-friendly testing tool. Mobile is emphasized since it is most affected by intrusive pop ups.  While checking with the mobile friendly tool, it should show the content alongside the interstitial. In the event that the content does not appear even after double checking in the HTML, then, it can’t work as far as Google is concerned.  Also, Google doesn’t like when a website uses a layout where the above-the-fold part of the page is similar to a standalone interstitial while the main content is beneath the fold.

What is the penalty for those websites who might have breached this policy? Simple, it will significantly affect their search ranking of their site. What this means is that a strict adherence to the Google policy on GDPR is also part of search engine optimization since failing on it will significantly affect your site’s visibility. Therefore, make sure your content is easily accessible to a user right from search results especially on mobile and you would have nothing to worry about.

Fact Checking Google’s Reintroduction to Featured Snippets

Sometimes, on search results page, you will find a short description at the top of the result. This short description is known as Google featured snippet. Snippets help searchers decide if a particular result is relevant to the search they are making.

Google featured snippets have gone through several evolutions over the years and will continue to do so, as it significantly affects search engine optimisation for websites all over. This helpful ‘zero position’ search result was reintroduced by Danny Sullivan in his very first blog post as Google’s new public liaison for search. He gave a lot of insight into how the feature has been developed and the improvements it provides to users.

Here are a few facts about the Google’s Reintroduced Featured Snippets

Featured snippet useful for mobile and voice search

In today’s digital society, a large percentage of search queries are done on mobile devices. Featured snippets make it possible for search users to get relevant answers fast. When you make a query using your Smartphone’s Google assistant, you will typically get a featured snippet reply and source quote.

A lot of improvement went into this section as Google included update to the Search Quality Rater Guidelines that provides more information on websites so as to avoid featuring misleading information and unsupported theories. These guidelines updates will ensure that the results that appear in Google featured snippets are authentic and trustworthy.

Video snippets introduced

Google featured snippets are not just for written content. Google recently introduced featured video snippets which features suggested videos that match a particular search query. Users now have the option of seeing a video that answers the questions they are asking rather reading the plain old boring texts. For example, a suggested video clip for “how to braid hair” will come in handy for users searching for information on how to braid hair. This visual demonstration will definitely be more useful than a regular step by step demonstration.

Multiple featured snippets

Another new improvement to Google’s featured snippets is the introduction of multiple featured snippets. This allows users to select location based featured snippets or results answering the same question but from a different perspective. Showing up more than one snippet per search can be helpful when users want to get answers on the same query but in different ways, they can then choose the answer that best fits what they want without having to leave the search results page.

What Google featured snippets mean for brands

Google is working seriously hard to provide a better search engine experience for users, and the featured snippets are just one of the methods to make this happen. As this feature becomes more prominent in Google SERP, the conventional single results system may become ineffective. Brands need to revisit their SEO strategies in order to create content that allow for featured snippets. This is not just useful in providing relevant results to users; it also helps in pushing traffic to the publishers and brands.

These Two New Bing Updates Will Make Your Work Easier

With a constant inflow of demand for services, getting an easy way out can be a lifesaver. I am sure you also want to find an easy yet effective way to getting results. Earlier this month, Bing introduced few updates on its blog post that enhances their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for slicker and more fun entertainment search. However, two additional updates were also launched for easier workflow.

Let’s jump into these workflow updates, shall we?

Bing Ads Overview Tab

If you are an online marketer making decisions all day on campaign ads or an on-the-go marketer going through search campaigns at intervals, taking a step backward to see a big pictorial view of the performance of your account can be handy. Imagine having this handy tool and being able to tweak and customise the tab to display solely the campaign elements that interest you.

This Overview tab is found on the main campaign page. According to Haily De La Cruz, a Program Manager at Microsoft and Bing Ads, the overview tab gives you a “bird’s eye view of performance”. This implies that you get a wholesome, high-level and detailed view of your account performance. Cool right?

The layout and design interface is completely user-friendly, giving users the ability to remove, resise or hide any tile from the three-dotted icon at the top right-hand corner. A simple drag and drop will do the trick. It also features user’s ability to apply metrics and campaign filtering to the overview page.

This means that instead of going in and out of workspace or search results, you now have everything on one page hence saving you the precious time of looking for a page or result because you know exactly where to find it.

Connecting Accounts with Bing’s Multi-Linking

Whether managing multiple accounts in Bing Ads as an advertiser or assisting a wealth of clients as an agency, Elizabeth Johnson (a Programme Manager on Bing Ads Platform) says that the Multi-linking update makes linking and managing accounts easier and more efficient. She further explained that in Bing Ads multi-account capabilities, Multi-linking is in its first phase, hence other updates will be released for better and optimal results.

Multi-Linking Will Let You:

  1. Take Over-Billing anytime: customers linked to any account don’t have to pause their accounts anymore before taking the responsibility of over-billing.
  2. Link Accounts to Any Customer: the ‘becomes an agency’ button is now irrelevant. This means you can simply link any client to an account hence saving time and energy.
  3. Control Amount of Customers Linked to Your Account: you can both link and unlink up to five managing accounts from yours.

As amazing as this sounds there are other ways in which you can take advantage of this feature:

  • Transition clients between Agencies
  • Reports run across managed accounts
  • One customer shell billing information management.

Brix Saxman, a production specialist at PPCHero informs us that Multi-linking doesn’t permit account unlinking by originating account from the entity.

Although Multi-linking is in its first phase, more than enough new features have been introduced to get you started on easy ads workflow and with the announcements being released earlier this month, hopefully, we should be up and running with these updates released in few weeks or days.

How to Use Facebook Page Insights like an Expert

Knowing the profile of your target audience as a business owner is crucial to the success of your online marketing activities. Facebook insights are a powerful tool for marketers who want to track and analyze user interaction on their Facebook Fan Page.

With Facebook Insights, you’ll know the best day of the week to post, the best time of the day and the type of content popular with your target audience. The tool is constantly updated to show patterns and developments as they form so you must constantly check them to stay in the loop.

Here a step by guide to help you use Facebook Page Insights like a pro.

How to access Facebook Insight

Once you’ve reached 30 followers on your Facebook page, you can access your analytics. Go to your business page, on the top left corner, you’ll see the icon “insights”, click it to view information such as page views, post engagement, reach, actions on page, number of friends of fans and total number of likes.

Features of Facebook Insights you should use

The first thing you’ll see when you open Facebook Insights analytics tool is the Overview dashboard. There are many areas of interest on the left side such as posts, promotions, people, events, messages and likes among others.

  • Promotions

You can boost post that are performing well to get more exposure for them and pick a budget for your boost, choose your target audience and set the length of time for the boost to run.

  • Likes

On the likes section, you see important data about your fans such as location, age group and location. If you have more female fans situated in a particular town, you can create ads and content according to those specific demographics. It also helps you build personas for your target audience, which is essential for highly converting landing pages.

  • Videos

The Facebook Video Analytics shows your total video views and lists them in order of top views and videos people watched for 10 secs or more.

  • Reach

Your content isn’t successful if it’s not reaching your fans. This section helps you identify how much of your content reaches your fans if people are sharing your page or talking about your page.

  • Page Views

This is where you know the number of people visiting your page and the areas they viewed such as posts, photos, the about area or another part of your page. It helps you determine the success of your SEO and digital marketing strategies. Data from this page should guide your boosted posts and the target audience you choose.


Facebook Insights helps you understand your Facebook Page unique metrics for a better online marketing campaign. You can use it to maximize promotion for your next event, pick the best time to post when it will be most viewed by your target audience and learn how to make your content better for your fans.

3 Easy Landing Page Updates to Improve Quality Score

If PPC is central to your overall marketing plan, then quality score is a term you must be familiar with.  Actually, a lot of advertisers have heard about quality score and how important it is, except that they’re not so sure how to high rank with it.

For clarity on what quality score is, let’s review how Google explains it: “Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.”

Although not much detail was provided, it is safe to assume QS is mostly about driving traffic to your site landing pages. So, to improve QS, your focus should be on improving the feel, behaviour and content of your landing pages.

Google recently announced some key changes to their QS algorithms to offer website owners a better understanding of how to rank high on the metrics, and then act on the new insights with ease.

Why is that so important? The truth is that except your site and contents rank well on Google, you won’t achieve much success with your organic traffic flow, customer conversion and brand awareness goals.

Optimise for keywords: Include them in the titles and in the article in the right density

The first and most important factor in your SEO and quality score objective is to make sure you use the right keywords and in just the right density.  But what keywords should you rank for? You may need to do some SEO experiments to be specific about them and make sure you track updates, so you can keep improving on them.

Your relevant keywords must be properly distributed in your contents. Make sure to include it the headings, in the first one or two paragraphs and a few more times in articles. But be careful to avoid keyword stuffing. Ensure you’re writing for humans, not computers; so, include your keywords in a natural way.

Improve your site speed

Experienced internet marketers know how important the load time of website is to customer traffic and conversion. No one will hang around forever waiting for a website to load; which is why improving your site speed must always be a priority. Don’t forget too that when determining QS, AdWords always reviews the load time of the landing pages; and a slow website is a big fail.

Ensure easy navigation

It’s not enough to drive traffic to your site; you need to also ensure they can easily find what they’re looking for on your landing pages without having to spend too much time and energy groping around. Just like slow load time, if website users sense a landing page does not have easy navigation, they will bail in a blink of an eye and go somewhere else for the information they’re seeking.

SEO And Content Marketing: How Using Both Can Help You

Although there are differences between SEO and content marketing, the two certainly aren’t mutually exclusive. Conducting good SEO requires the introduction of effective and targeted content on your sites, and will typically involve some form of building links to your high quality content. Meanwhile, good content marketing means filling your site with a combination of evergreen content and pages that will attract a multitude of longtail hits. For the most effective campaigns, you should be looking to combine SEO with content marketing, in order to reap the rewards of both, and to take real advantage of the work that you put in.

Longtail Search Terms

Longtail search terms are phrases that typically contain three or more words and, individually, attract very few visitors. However, when you add up the total number of visitors you receive from each of your longtail keywords, they will usually make up the majority of the traffic that your site receives. However, they are notoriously difficult to target.

The minimal number of searches that these terms receive means that they rarely show up on keyword research results, but they will appear when you write naturally for your visitors. Because content marketing requires the writing and publishing of natural content, it will naturally include longtail search terms, therefore improving your SEO results.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content pages are the pillars of your SEO content. They essentially hold up all of the product pages, reviews, and other content that you write; they naturally attract the most links; and they are the pages that will usually be the most common doorways into your website. They also tend to be long-form, contain huge amounts of data and information, and they lend themselves perfectly to both SEO and content marketing.

Google loves evergreen content, although they do encourage website owners to regularly update these pages where necessary. What’s more, because of the vast amounts of information that these pages contain, they will also be among the most popular with your content market.


Attract Links

Content marketing not only requires the writing of high quality content, but also the effective distribution of this content. This may mean guest blogging, joining in forum and social media discussion, or the use of any of a number of other distribution channels.

A happy side effect of this content distribution is that it will naturally generate links, and not only those that you create yourself, but the links that website owners and social media users naturally provide for your pages. Google treats links as editorial votes for the content on your site; the more links you receive, and the higher the quality of the pages that link to you, the more likely that you will enjoy a prominent search engine position.

Results Driven Research

Whether you are posting regular blog updates, adding your latest social media feed, or creating evergreen content, you will be attracting new visitors to your site, once your content marketing and SEO efforts bear fruit. With every visitor to your site comes yet more invaluable data.

Using the data from your content marketing, you can determine the most popular keywords for SEO, and using your SEO traffic, you can determine the most popular topics for your content marketing. This results driven research can help you to formulate an even more effective and potentially profitable marketing plan.

Your Marketing Mix

SEO and content marketing can combine to create a very powerful and effective mix, but they are only two forms of online marketing. The most effective campaigns are those that combine multiple types of marketing like SEO and Paid Media Marketing to create a digital marketing mix that attracts visitors, converts visitors into clients, and generates profits for your business.

Get the Best PPC Agency and Drive Sales

Advertising and marketing your services and merchandise within the digital area is incomplete with out internet advertising, but internet marketing is a wide term for a tremendous array of offerings that together make an enterprise procure more order and promote more. Some of the significant digital parameters for increasing your turnover within the web is ppc, and a ppc agency can help you to have a triumphant ppc crusade.

Of course you yourself can get worried for your %campaign, but then who’s going to manage your corporation? You must depart the concerns of creating ppc link successful to a reliable percentagency. They’re going to make certain that your advertisement crusade within the web is bearing fruit.

Furthermore, it isn’t something that any one can do. It takes perseverance and ordinary diligence to make %successful. Only a PPC agency may also be anticipated to exhibit such perseverance when you consider that they have got to exhibit influence to be able to get more orders.

These agencies have specialized and informed executives who concentrate on market study to find out the key phrases wanted for imposing an effective PPC. The keyword within the affiliate web sites is the driving factor at the back of a burgeoning percent traffic.

In this day and age, many so-known as UK Seo services are being offered on the internet. Sadly, a lot of these “corporations” give doubtful results. Fine search engine optimization services are rare in these days for the reason that every body seems to be to entering on-line trade advertising. More and more websites are clamoring to get into Australia’s high 10 in terms of search engine rating. With this scenario in mind, organizations and small companies should be careful of their search for search engine optimization firms with equipped search engine optimization services.

Legitimate uk seo services can lift your web site above your rivals. According to search engine optimisation gurus, they help trade house owners give their websites to high rank serps. They make sure that the website has detailed surroundings that attract web users.

The envison of UK Seo Company to provide the pleasant quality of search engine optimisation services in Uk to suit your industry requisites. We offer a vast range of carrier like internet designing, net progress, content writing, content material management tools implementation, hyperlink building, seo as good as SMO provider at a price regarded impossible as per the prevailing premiums being charged by way of seo companies.

The UK seo company also ensures that you simply get just right ranking.

Implementing SEO services couples with PPC campaigns can generate great results for websites

With new developments come new complications and while at one point in time the new development was having an online presence for each and every form of business, currently the complication is making those websites and business profitable by placing the company websites at the top of search engine ranks.

This challenge of staying at the top of search engine ranks is being met by many a UK seo company offering SEO services. These companies have specialized teams who work round the clock in order to uphold a website’s rankings amongst the top few in popular search engines like Bind, Yahoo and Google.

The SEO services include very systematically arranged methods that include analytics, On page SEO, OFF page SEO, PPC as well as Social Media and Digital Marketing.

A SEO company specializing in UK SEO Services would never just offer solutions and packages to start with the optimization work, they would first analyze the overall structure and content o the website, the basic framework of the web page, will do a keyword and target group analysis and only then suggest a suitable package to begin with the optimization work.

While SEO services do help in pushing the website to top ranks of search engines, ppc, read as pay per click campaigns help in driving traffic to websites and these efforts combined together always lead to a successful profit making website.

Though a UK SEO Company can always help with such successful ppc campaigns, one can also go to a dedicated ppc agency to plan and implement a successful ppc campaign.  A ppc agency taking up any such campaign will always analyze the traffic of the website, determine its target customers and only then plan a ppc campaign. The biggest advantage of running a ppc campaign is that the company outsourcing the job has full control over the project as a paid advertisements can only be run basis the budget allocated by the client. Running a ppc campaign also gives clients the advantage of real time monitoring so that ad campaigns can be run basis the response that previous efforts have been generating.

All UK SEO companies offer very effective Search Engine Optimization campaigns and these can be utilized to the best of abilities to generate great profits if such optimization efforts are strategically coupled and combined with PPC campaigns that help in channelizing traffic.

Use an SEO & PPC agency to get better results

The PPC markets and the SEO services are having a tremendous effect on the online business promotion. Each of these online marketing methodologies gives favorable results if managed properly. But few know that when combines together PPC and SEO can give even more favorable results than expected. The consolidation of both these techniques of online marketing can maximize each ones strength and minimize the possibilities of their weaknesses. The end result is the a very powerful online marketing strategy that delivers greater exposure and faster return on investments. Combining both the SEO and PPC techniques lets the online marketers to dominate both organic and paid search results where similar keywords could be profitable for both SEO and PPC. Such methods also improves the click through rate process and such an integration creates more compelling contents which might be beneficial for both the search ranking and PPC clicks through the rates.

The ppc agency works on Cost per click Internet advertising model to direct traffic to the websites where the advertisers pay the publishers when an ad click by the user or the viewer. These PPC adds display advertisements known as banner ads which are similar to the ads those are displayed at the right hand side of the webpage. The UK seo services boost the e-commerce sales and take the route to online success wherein other companies are outsourcing to such a UK seo company were the optimization of the websites will be done with a professional hand. Many online marketing professionals come from a strong direct marketing background where the Return of Investments for marketing spend needs to be easily and directly measurable. In addition future predictions indicate that SEO will gain substantial market share from PPC due to the ever increasing cost of PPC. An increasing number of SEO tools are coming to market to simplify the Black Art of SEO and to turn it into a Science that can easily be understood and used by more and more people interested in getting better search results. SEO involves outwitting the search engines, and doing things that will get one ahead of other sites. SEO gets long-term results, but if one needs to get something immediately, SEO and PPC together combine a quick hit with long-term growth.

In conclusion enterprises and other brands with more specialized core products and services are incorporating the e-commerce elements into their online presence to create brand awareness and boost up the sales numerical.