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Google Copy Column Preferences to the New Google Ads

Google Ads interfaceRebuilding beautiful column layouts from the old Google Ads interface can be stressful. If you’ve been put off by this before, congratulations! Google has acknowledged your pain. The tech giant now allows users of its advertising platform to copy column preferences from the classic version of Google Ads to the new Google Ads interface.

On October, 2018, Google announced its acknowledgment of feedbacks from its users requesting an easy way to copy their column preferences from the previous Google Ads interface to the latest interface.  According to the tech giant:

“We have heard reviews requesting for an easy way to copy your column preferences from the old Google Ads version to the new experience,” Google Ads team wrote on the company’s website.

Thus, for example, “if your ‘campaigns’ statistics chart always showed ‘Conversions’, ‘Cost,’ ‘Clicks’ ‘Impressions’ and ‘Cost/Conv” – with just a single click, you can copy these column preferences to the new Google Ads experience” the team said.

Some feature differences between the old and new Google Ads

  • With the new Google Ads experience, the tech giant has unplugged the users’ ability to make ‘reporting changes’–like saving a filter, which was available in the old Ads experience. Google recommends you make reporting changes using the new experience.
  • Works done in the Report Editor will be synced between the old and new experiences.
  • Google has changed some features and names in the new Ads experience.

You can read more about the differences here

How to copy column preferences from the classic version to the new Google Ads interface

Step one: Locate the tools icon in the upper right corner->preferences->columns preference

Step two:  Click ‘Copy Columns’ to start your copy column preferences

Step three:  Allow 24 hours for your preferences to update in new Google Ads.

Important things to note before choosing this option

There are few things to note before changing your column preferences. First, you will not be able to undo the option later—the change is permanent! If you choose the “Copy Columns” option, for example, you’ll be warned copying column will replace all your existing Google Ads columns.

Second, if you are logged into your master’s account, changing the column’s preferences will affect all other accounts under it. Log into individual accounts to effect the changes if you don’t want your preference setting to copy over to all your accounts.

How to determine which Google Ads experience you are using

Here’s a quick way to tell which Google Ads interface you are using:

Sing into your Google Ads account. look for this  gear icon in the upper right corner. If its there, you are in the previous AdWords experience.

Nevertheless, Google says your account, ads and campaigns will run the same way they did on the old platform.

Grow Your Business with a Chatbot

The business world is constantly adapting by incorporating technological advancements in a way that furthers productivity. One such form of technology that is rapidly gaining attention is the chatbot.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot(also called chatterbot) is a software that performs an automated function in the form of simulating conversations, via voice or text interactions. As the name suggests, their primary function is to chat with the customers.

They often appear on sites and applications with a chatting platform. They begin conversations with customers or give responses, usually in the form of helpful tips, advice, recommendations and instructions.

How does it work?

Chatbots work by giving preprogrammed conversational prompts and responses to customers. While this might sound limiting, many sophisticated chatbots are able to handle a wide variety of conversational cues.

Of course with chatbots the goal is to seem human in dialog, but it is fine if they fall short of this. Apart from the fact that AI technology hasn’t quite reached that level of sophistication, it is also not the key selling point of a chatbot. In a world as automated as the one we currently live, the human touch is simply not as important as functionality and effectiveness.

There are three generally accepted types of chatbots; stateful, semi-stateful and stateless bots.

  1. Stateful bots are able to retain information given during conversation and will make responses based on this conversation. That means they learn and evolve based on each conversation.
  2. Stateless bots are unable to retain any information and will respond to each message independent of any previous message. In this case, their responses are not linked to any previous message.
  3. Semi-stateful bots are able to retain some information in responding to messages but only for that particular conversation. With each conversation, the user must start over.

It’s Effect on Your Business

As messaging programs, chatbots are able to run indefinitely needing no breaks, no time to think, and no need to consult any other source of information. This means they are able to perform conversations instantaneously and they are always available. Many customers would appreciate this interaction as it means they can obtain relevant information anytime while skipping the wait.

Chatbots are especially beneficial to small businesses because of their capabilities. One simple software will attend to the needs of multiple customers simultaneously with no loss of effectiveness relative to the number of customers. This is incredibly useful, especially for businesses with small staff who can’t field every question.

This software is capable of performing more than just messaging functions. Depending on the software programmers they can receive payments, make adjustments, contact administrators, make orders, and collect statistics. Like any other form of software, they can be programmed to perform a host of functions beyond their primary use.

Considering these and more, it seems a good idea that every business online strongly consider adding a chatbot to their platform if they want to see it grow.

SEO And Content Marketing: How Using Both Can Help You

Although there are differences between SEO and content marketing, the two certainly aren’t mutually exclusive. Conducting good SEO requires the introduction of effective and targeted content on your sites, and will typically involve some form of building links to your high quality content. Meanwhile, good content marketing means filling your site with a combination of evergreen content and pages that will attract a multitude of longtail hits. For the most effective campaigns, you should be looking to combine SEO with content marketing, in order to reap the rewards of both, and to take real advantage of the work that you put in.

Longtail Search Terms

Longtail search terms are phrases that typically contain three or more words and, individually, attract very few visitors. However, when you add up the total number of visitors you receive from each of your longtail keywords, they will usually make up the majority of the traffic that your site receives. However, they are notoriously difficult to target.

The minimal number of searches that these terms receive means that they rarely show up on keyword research results, but they will appear when you write naturally for your visitors. Because content marketing requires the writing and publishing of natural content, it will naturally include longtail search terms, therefore improving your SEO results.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content pages are the pillars of your SEO content. They essentially hold up all of the product pages, reviews, and other content that you write; they naturally attract the most links; and they are the pages that will usually be the most common doorways into your website. They also tend to be long-form, contain huge amounts of data and information, and they lend themselves perfectly to both SEO and content marketing.

Google loves evergreen content, although they do encourage website owners to regularly update these pages where necessary. What’s more, because of the vast amounts of information that these pages contain, they will also be among the most popular with your content market.


Attract Links

Content marketing not only requires the writing of high quality content, but also the effective distribution of this content. This may mean guest blogging, joining in forum and social media discussion, or the use of any of a number of other distribution channels.

A happy side effect of this content distribution is that it will naturally generate links, and not only those that you create yourself, but the links that website owners and social media users naturally provide for your pages. Google treats links as editorial votes for the content on your site; the more links you receive, and the higher the quality of the pages that link to you, the more likely that you will enjoy a prominent search engine position.

Results Driven Research

Whether you are posting regular blog updates, adding your latest social media feed, or creating evergreen content, you will be attracting new visitors to your site, once your content marketing and SEO efforts bear fruit. With every visitor to your site comes yet more invaluable data.

Using the data from your content marketing, you can determine the most popular keywords for SEO, and using your SEO traffic, you can determine the most popular topics for your content marketing. This results driven research can help you to formulate an even more effective and potentially profitable marketing plan.

Your Marketing Mix

SEO and content marketing can combine to create a very powerful and effective mix, but they are only two forms of online marketing. The most effective campaigns are those that combine multiple types of marketing like SEO and Paid Media Marketing to create a digital marketing mix that attracts visitors, converts visitors into clients, and generates profits for your business.

The Latest Technology That Has Helped Changed Digital Marketing

The role played by digital marketing: Marketing is becoming the key factor in promoting the business & making the consumers understand the true value of the products & services provided to them by the various companies & other organizations doing business in the consumer market. Marketing has gained widespread popularity among the business professionals who want to increase their popularity & appeal among the buyers or consumers. The viewers who are the consumers are getting to know about various products &services provided by the companies with the help of digital marketing which is making huge hype among the people. The digital marketing is taking the help of digital devices to do marketing in the era of technology where internet technology is playing the predominant role. The growing use of internet among the people has increased the popularity & importance of digital marketing among the business head. Digital marketing is preferred more by the people as it is effective, less time consuming, easy & can be viewed by millions of people residing in various parts of the World. Leading Pay Per Click Company is getting huge response among the business heads & other officials who have really benefitted with this service.

The increasing fame of Reliable SEO Services in UK: UK seo agencies & companies are providing extraordinary SEO services to their increasing base of clients helping them to attain widespread acceptance among the consumers who are having a good impression about the companies which are seated on the top of the search engine result page returned by the various search engines available in the web browser. The commendable SEO services provided by the SEO firms of UK are making the clients increase their business in various parts of the world earning huge amounts of profits. The SEO firms are creating a strong impression about the client’s company helping them to do well in the business giving tough competition to the competitors.

The rising popularity of PPC Management Agency in to today’s time: The pay per click services are in total sync with the online technology which is widely used by the people. This technology has achieved a lot of response among the human society as it is proving beneficial to the human lot helping them to spread their business in different parts of the world.

Hence, these are the pioneering techniques which are proving very effective for the businesses taking place in this world.

The Importance of PPC & SEO in the World of Online Advertising

The world of internet has opened new horizons in many fields of life. In fact there are very few things which the people cannot find from the web world. It is said that it is possible to find any information that a person wants. However, the whole process may sound simple for the internet users but in reality it is not so simple as searching something through the internet is not always easy. The seo company UK or the search engine optimization agencies take pivotal role in this matter.

What are the functions of the SEO organizations?

The search engine optimization is the process regarding the searchers made by the internet users. Here are some of the main activities of the Leading SEO Company in UK:

  • When people look for something in the internet, they usually search by giving the keywords of what they look for. With every search, the search results arrive. The Seo companies deal with these search results.
  • The Seo companies ensure that their websites of their clients come in the front positions in the search results.
  • The seo companies study about the common searches made by the internet users or the general keywords used by them. By considering all these, they provide the necessary inputs to their clients.
  • The activities of the seo companies are dependent upon both their clients and upon the general internet users.

The importance of PPC or pay per click method:

The pay per click method is another important factor related to this matter. The PPC is directly linked with the advertising world. Many people prefer finding their favorite things through internet. The activities of a Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Company depend on this internet advertising. Here are some of the main activities of a ppc organization:

  • PPC company woks on the model of pay per click method.
  • In this method, the advertiser pays the agency for every click their advertisements get.
  • It is always important to analyze the numerical trends in this matter. The PPC organizations have specialists for this analysis.
  • They study which keywords the people use the most. After that, they take the necessary steps to help their clients.

Therefore the advertising through internet has become quite popular and useful for both the advertisers and for the common people and the agencies like SEO organizations or PPC companies plays huge roles in this matter.

The New Innovative Technologies That Assist Marketing Efforts

The role of marketing in the modern era: Marketing has earned a new meaning in the modern times because of the new technologies & techniques which has come with the coming of the internet technology. Marketing is a very important process which is used by the marketing individuals to promote the products & services of the clients among the consumers. Marketing is playing the key role today in determining the success of a business or any other organization. But it is definitely important as it makes the people aware.

The role of the marketing individuals: Marketing individuals are the people who know marketing very well. These are trained people who had made marketing their profession. There are many companies who hire marketing individuals to do the task of marketing & there are many companies who have marketing individuals who look after the marketing needs of the company in which they are working & are getting paid for. There are many companies who have a separate section for marketing where all the marketing needs & requirements of the company are taken care of.

The credibility of the new marketing techniques: PPC Agency is the new form of a marketing technique used in today’s technological sound era where people have made internet their lives & technology is integrated with the lives of the people. PPC agencies work as intermediaries between the client & the marketing professionals who are providing the PPC service which is also known as pay per Click service, a new form of digital marketing process. PPC Company is providing the service of Pay per Click which is turning out to be useful to the business companies & other organizations. SEO services or Search Engine Optimization services are a popular form of PPC service which is playing an effective part in the process of digital marketing which is the new attraction of recent times.

The nature of the SEO services in United Kingdom: UK SEO Services are very popular as they are providing the best SEO services to the clients which contain many big & popular companies. The individuals who are working are skilled & competent people who have vast knowledge regarding the work they are performing.

Hence, it can be stated that the new process of digital marketing is proving to be very beneficial to the people.

The Effects of Digital Marketing in the Field Of Marketing

The predominant process of marketing: Marketing is playing a vital role in the lives of the people specially the ones who are engaged with providing services & businesses to the consumers. Today, the spectrum of marketing has broadened with many new techniques & strategies which are coming in handy in this new generation where technology is playing the predominant role. The advanced & innovative techniques & strategies are in accordance with the technically skilled world. Marketing was a lengthy process which includes lot of strategies & techniques before the coming of the digital marketing.

The importance of digital marketing: Digital marketing is turning out to be very beneficial to the people of today’s world. The advent of internet in the lives of the people has helped them tremendously as it led to the coming up of the new techniques & strategies which are making new opportunities for the people. Digital marketing is a form of marketing which is apt for today’s time where internet is playing the prominent role. In the process of digital marketing, marketing is done by using the electronic medium or the digital medium which are very commonly used by the people of today in their lives. The popularity of internet & modern technology among the people has made the various businesses & other organizations go for digital marketing to attain more customers. Business is all about making profit & without profit a business will not run properly. Digital marketing is using the latest technology to reach to the huge no. of people who are using internet.

The role played by the new technology in the lives of the people: These new technologies are used as they are giving the best results & are cutting the lengthy process in short ones thereby increasing the efficiency of the work making the work faster than it was before. PPC Agency is helping their clients by providing best form of digital marketing services to the people. PPC agencies are intermediary organizations that provide services to their clients by taking the help of the marketing individuals whereas the PPC Company is a type of organization who has marketing professionals working for the companies by providing top quality services to the clients of the company. UK SEO services have gained huge popularity among the people because of their excellent manner of providing services to the people.

Thus, digital marketing has proved its immense worth to the people.

Factors to consider while choosing the SEO Company

The significance of SEO in site advancement can’t be denied. Indeed, best site proprietors take the assistance and direction of a rumored SEO organization for the improvement of a site. Website streamlining (SEO) is a to a great degree prolonged procedure that includes the right methodology and way to deal with help enhance the perceivability of a site on significant web search tools.

Picking a SEO company may not be a straightforward occupation. There are a few sites with showy, wonderful promotions that claim about their excellent services, nonetheless, it may not be the situation in all actuality. While a percentage of the organizations are great, others are not justified regardless of your cash. In this article, we will attempt to highlight a couple of vital tips to remember when selecting a presumed SEO Company.

The principal thing that you have to find out about the organization is its experience. In the event that you are picking an organization that is sufficiently experienced, you can rest guaranteed about the nature of work. Then again, that does not imply that you might totally ignore fresher organizations. Numerous individuals accept that new organizations don’t convey quality services; on the other hand, that is an unimportant thought. Having said this, when you choose to pick an accomplished services supplier, you ought to be guaranteed about the speediness of conveyance.

At the point when picking a SEO company in UK, spending plan assumes a critical part. For instance: If you are confined on spending plan, then you may need to discover bundles that fit your pocket. Unexpectedly, in the event that you have abundant of cash to spend, making a financial plan helps you maintain a strategic distance from over-consumption.

It is essential to guarantee that the organization conveys and anticipates on time. Despite the fact that this data is elusive on the site or the components of the services, yet, experiencing the client surveys may help you outline a supposition about the organization.

Entrepreneurs who falter about enlisting a PPC Company to deal with their internet advertising battles are not taking advantage of their promoting spending plans. While a PPC organization may energize to 25 percent of your commercial purchasing spending plan for their services, the points of interest to a professionally outlined and oversaw PPC battle can far exceed the apparent higher expense – and it is regularly just an apparent expense distinction.

When you include the greater part of the expenses of running your own PPC battle in house, you may observe that you’re as of now paying more for your publicizing than you’d pay a ppc company.

With SEO Company UK brands get the much needed push to reach out to target customers

Businesses that have the potential to catch the attention of target customers should have an online presence that need systematic strengthening with the help of appropriate SEO and PPC programs. A SEO company UK can easily be trusted with a successful SEO program as not only are they highly skilled in various aspects of SEO, they also have a good understanding of the customer base.

A SEO Company UK with all its systematic plans like content management, off page SEO, On Page SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Digital marketing can make a lot of difference to the company’s visibility and place it in the top rung of popular search engine pages. While SEO service providers are indeed many, those who give sustainable results may be a precious few as not many may have procedures as robust to sustain the rankings whenever there are any new Google or Panda updates.

Complementing the services of the UK SEO companies that help companies reach out to their target customers with the help, there is another service called PPC read as Pay for Performance in which customers are brought to certain websites with the help of paid advertisements.

While a SEO company specializes in optimizing the search engine rankings and placing the company’s services in front of the customer as soon as they search for it, a PPC Company helps in directing traffic to a particular website by giving incentives to customers for logging into the webpage.

Since a PPC company brings traffic to a website by giving the target customers due incentives, some may argue that such surges are not there to stay but this is where the websites product and service quality comes in to play.

The various SEO and PPC campaigns are run as basic introductory programs as post this initial push, once the customers get accustomed to the wonderful services and products that can be availed from a particular website, they would need no handholding to keep coming back.

Thus it can be conveniently said that SEO and PPC services are just carriers of the company’s USP as once the news spreads and people are aware of how good a company’s products and services are, they will automatically keep coming back for more and more.

Availing of SEO and PPC services has now become quite easy as all of them have a strong online presence and can be easily reached approached by customers from the world over.