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New reporting features available in Bing Ads Accounts

Bing Ads

Entrepreneurship is the order of the day and everyone is take advantage of the new media revolution to cash in on the digital marketing space. This way, without hassles, products and services can be advertised for wider outreach, while bloggers can also drag ads to their blogs or websites.

The next dilemma is making the choice between google and bing for the ad space. Google surely has more popularity from over the years and has a majority of the digital marketing pie. However, Bing is gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with in the search engine online services war.

Several bloggers and online retailers have written thought pieces about the Superiority of Bing Ads over Google Adwords. Recent statistics have shown that Bing has grown to hold 20% of the search market share while google paid search clicks dropped by 11%.

Why go for Bing Ad?

The growth as mentioned above is by no mistake. Several innovations have set Bing Ad on this rising trend.

  1. It offers less competition. This is crucial for new users. No competition hassles since majority are still on google adwords. At same time, it offers cheaper Cost per click (CPC) compared to google.
  2. Better device targeting. Brings out features directed at individual devices. Sort of a personalisation.
  3. Better social extention
  4. Search demographics can be better controlled
  5. It doesn’t force close variants on you.

Even with these advantages, Bing is not resting on its oars as it brings new reporting features for better user experience regularly. I will be mentioning 3 of the major new reporting features:

Bing Ads Accounts

  1. Performance metrics. Many users have multiple accounts and keeping tabs on progress made becomes a major issue. Performance metrics are new reporting features that help assess the performances of your accounts and compare performances between periods, as well as changes
  2. Data splitting: New reporting features allow you split your data and analyse them in segments. This way analysis of performance can be scaled down to a particular day of the week, or quarter of the month. The data can even be split based on the type of devices clickers used.
  3. Data presentation: Performance metrics can be a lot of data, formulas and so on. For faster assimilation data presentation features have been added. Now the data can be presented as linear graphs, charts and so on.

More and more users are beginning to recognise the user friendliness of Bing Ads and as long as the digital marketing space gets wider and more competitive, Bing Ads will continue to add more attractive reporting features.

Bing Ads Releases a New, More Advanced Campaign Setup Process

Bing Ads Advanced Campaign Setup

The second most popular search engine released its much expected upgrade for advertisers to set up their campaigns easily. In recent times, Bing Ads have been advancing rapidly with its new ad extensions, bidding options, targeting improvements, and a better, more optimised platform.

They have made the campaign set up process easier to reflect the qualities and optimisations advertisers need to succeed with Bing Ads.

The following steps show how advertisers can input their campaigns

  • Establish a business goal to direct the creation of your campaign

On the ad platform, it first asks you to select the goal for your new campaign. The options available include “visits to my website”, visits to my business location” and so on. This goal will be used to suggest different features or defaults to start off your campaign on the right note. Regardless of the goal users choose, the campaign will have access to all available features. The goals page also has new shortcuts to other campaign setup tools like File Import, Keyword Planner and Google Import.

  • Copy campaign setting & target particular location

The upgrade allows users to copy settings from a pre-existing campaign. Advertisers can also target specific locations where they want their ads to appear. For instance, users can now manage radius targets in the same view as other locations.

  • Use custom keyword recommendations to target the right searchers

Keyword research can be a handful, especially for long-tail key phrases. Bing now offers tailored keyword suggestions to assist advertisers in prompting the right search results. The keywords have been designed to reflect a URL from your website.

Each suggestion shows the popularity, cost and competitiveness of the keyword. The keywords are also placed in ad groups according to relevance, making it easier to target ad copy and bids to various search queries you want them to show for.

  • Include high-value features for your ads

Features like ad extensions make your ads more captivating and can drive clicks and conversions. There is an available library of ad extensions when you are setting up a campaign, and each ad extension suitable for the campaign goal is highlighted to make selection easier. Unlike before, advertisers are no longer limited to only one ad, but can set up multiple ads and manage them in one page.

  • Use performance estimates to set informed bids

In this last stage, the page has been optimised to enable you set your budget and bidding values. Depending on the campaign features added so far, Bing provides performance projections on what it believes your campaign’s clicks, impressions, ad spend, and average ranking position will be.

Bing Ads Advanced Campaign Setup Process

To get the hang of the new set up process, you can practice without taking the campaign live. Like Google AdWords, Bing Ads is optimised to help advertisers serve ad campaigns to prospective customers searching the internet for services they offer.

The product provides a highly controlled and measurable ad serving process for online advertisers, and will increase use of Bing Ads.

Bing Ads Joins the Expanded Text Ads Train

Bing expanded text ads
Bing Ads

Bing has announced that they will start supporting expanded text ads (ETA) very soon and released a UI to show ads manager exactly how it would look like.

Clearly, the announcement is in line with recent developments in search engine marketing, coming on the heels of Google’s earlier announcement to start supporting expanded text ads.

Google tested the feature extensively with some advertisers and realized that there was a 20% increase in click-through rates once the new feature was applied.

Expanded text ads are designed to take advantage of the over half a trillion searches that happen on mobile phones. The expanded text ads are optimized to fit perfectly into the most popular smartphone screens.

Hence, it’s no surprise then that Bing modeled their expanded text ads with that of Google.

The increased texts will allow advertisers to display more information about their product. Advertisers can focus on optimizing their ads and engaging more with prospects before they click on their ads.

Apart from the increased click through rates advertisers will enjoy, prospects will be able to know more about their destination before clicking on an ad.

Here are the important changes advertisers should expect:

  1. Ad Title

The ad title currently has a restriction of 25 characters. However, the ad title will be increased to 60 characters once the new expanded text ads come into effect. The 60 characters ad title will be divided into two, separated by a hyphen.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

Bing text ads
Bing expanded text ads
  1. Ad Text

The text ad will be increased to 80 characters from 71 characters once the expanded text ads come into effect.

  1. Display URL

Currently, you can manually enter any display URL that you like. However, once the expanded text comes into effect, the display URL will be automatically generated by Google, from the final and customizable URL path.

Mobile URL

The new expanded text ads will no longer support separate mobile preferred ads. Advertisers will only be able to select a separate mobile URL. This means advertisers will lose the ability to customize a separate mobile advert. However, with the ability to bid separately on various devices coming soon, you can create a separate mobile campaign.

Seamless Integration with Adwords

Bing also announced that advertisers will be able to move ads seamlessly between their platform and Google Adwords’ platform to save ad managers time and allow them to get started faster.

The expanded text ad is expected to launch before the end of the summer this year (2016).