Google Says There is No SEO Benefit to Linking Externally


John Mueller from Google has stated in a  recent Hangout that:

“From our point of view, this is really up to you.

It is not something that we would say that there is any SEO advantage of linking to someone else’s site. But if you think this is a link that helps users understand your site better, then maybe that makes sense.”

So from this we can understand that providing a high quality outbound link (to for example a wikipedia article), doesn’t necessarily have an SEO benefit. Of course, if this would be useful for the user, then it would make sense to include it. We all know Google is keen on a good ‘user experience’. So if this provides a better user experience then indirectly it may be good for SEO. Either way, there is no harm in providing the odd link out to an authoritative/informative website when engaged in your usual SEO practices.

Embedded video below for your reference:



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