Google Roll out the Elusive Penguin Real Time Update

Google Penguin Real Time

The much-anticipated Google Penguin 4.0/Penguin Real time update has been officially announced by Google (as released today, 23rd of September). It was originally expected to be released at the end of 2015 but it never happened and website owners, SEOs and Agencies have been patiently waiting for it ever since.

Key Points to note:

Penguin now updates in real time – This marks the end of the official Penguin updates. From now on, website owners won’t have to wait for an ‘update’ to occur. Changes to your link profile will be taken into account upon the next spider crawl from Google.

More Granular – Penguin is now more granular and instead of penalising a whole website due to spammy in bound links, the bad links in question will be ‘devalued’ based on specific spam signals, thus indirectly affecting a websites SEO profile.

What this means for website owners:

  • You may notice a fluctuation in your keyword rankings across the Google SERPs
  • You may notice an increase or decrease in organic traffic coming to your website
  • You may receive a manual penalty notice in your Google Search Console/Web master Tools account IF you have been engaged in spammy SEO practices.

If you haven’t been engaged in un-natural organic optimisation then this update shouldn’t worry you. On the whole, this new Penguin Real time update will be beneficial to website owners by allowing them to see the effect of changes in real time, rather than having to wait 12-18 months for an official Google Penguin update.

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