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The Mentality Needed to Be a Successful PPC Accounts Manager


As a PPC account manager, you are the conduit pipe between the client and relevant traffic on the website. The result of every campaign depends on you.

According to Wordstream, PPC (pay-per-click) is “a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site.”

Billions of people browse the internet. To be successful, it’s not enough to be average. It’s better to stand out.

Doing that, however, requires a different kind of mindset.

As a result, we have highlighted three basic characteristics a PPC manager should have.

The Ability to Project Value:

The value people place on your work will determine the number of accounts you will manage.

Less value perceived equals to less pay or no commitment. Greater value perceived results to a satisfying return on investment.

Project value to your clients and ad prospects by having good communication skills. Always ask yourself:

  • Does my client know the importance of PPC (pay-per-click) ads and the prospects they will bring?
  • Does she know how my campaigns will benefit the company and how they’re connected to profit?

A client who knows the value you bring to the table will be willing to pay more and recommend your services to others.

Likewise, a customer will only click on ads valuable to him.

You can write provoking ads to draw the customer in. They should elicit curiosity and have emotional cues that will increase click-through rate.

Willingness to Grow:

A high-achieving PPC accounts manager has a growth mindset.

Let’s face it, the PPC industry is always evolving and changing. The best way to have stagnant accounts is to refuse to learn new features.

You need to constantly update your skills, knowledge and methods. When was the last time you studied and applied new information from Google? Last month? Last week?

Also be proactive and ready to take risks, testing new strategies and ideas. You should test your accounts and create methods to increase CTR while reducing CPC.

It’s important you set goals and achieve them too. That will push you to keep growing.

Detail Oriented:

Data requires a lot of detail.

Your job as a PPC manager involves managing, organising and structuring that data to optimise your accounts and benefit your client.

It’s important to be analytical and organised.

You should monitor figures and statistics so that you can analyse and manipulate them.

The more detail-oriented you are, the more effective your campaigns will be. You’ll be able to optimise bids and ads properly. You can also understand problems better, make the right decisions and execute your strategies powerfully.

This is not an extensive list of everything you need to be a successful PPC accounts manager, but it involves three of the most important skills.

Projecting value increase CTR and attracts more clients and accounts. A growth mindset makes you strive to be at the top and remain there. Paying attention to detail will help you create effective campaigns.