The New Google Maps Local Search Ads – The Crucial Facts


Google’s announcements last week held some very interesting points for digital marketers, their announcement featured a sizeable list of changes to Analytics and AdWords, with mobile being the primary focus at the Google Performance Summit.

Google revealed ‘the next generation’ of local search ads, as well as the new Google AdWords user interface, Expanded Text Ads and lots more. We’re going to run through some of the essential facts and changes to keep you clued up and in the know.

What do the changes to Local Search Ads involve?

The changes are geared towards increasing visibility at instances where customers are actively searching for somewhere to eat or purchase something. With a major focus on mobile devices, these changes are aimed at increasing footfall and displaying in-store promotions, local inventory searches and bespoke business pages.The overall intention is to make ads more helpful, and useful, rather than potentially obstructive and irritating.

Where will you see the new ads?

The Google Maps apps will be home to the new local search ads, with ads appearing on Google Maps desktop, tablet and mobile sites, as well as on Expanded Maps results.

local search ads on Google Maps

How come Google are bringing these changes in?

Commanding statistics were revealed in the summit that reveal the potential depth in this market area.

  • Three quarters of people searching for a nearby product use their smartphone, and of those searches, 28% result in a sale
  • 84% of shoppers utilise local searches
  • 90% of sales happen on the high street, in actual shops, rather than online
  • Maps now boasts over 1 billion users
  • Google searches provide directions for 1.5 billion queries yearly

The fact is, if your business has a physical location, these stats should be very important to you. They, in essence, prove the potential value of Local Search Ads, and illustrate much they could help your business.

So what else is going on in Google Maps?

Everything is gearing up towards increasing footfall in your shop, this includes revamping local pages. For example, when a local page accessed, the consumer will be faced with a page customised by the advertisers and the business. This page will feature key information like opening hours, the shop address, phone number and directions. One of the most useful new way businesses can use local pages is for promotions and offers, and for showing shops local inventory. Obviously this could prove to be very useful to business and consumer alike.

When do we get to play with Local Search ads?

While still in beta testing at present, it’s a pretty sure thing that we’ll be seeing some definite dates from Google in the next three months. It’s an exciting time to be in online advertising!

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