How to Add Keywords in Bulk for via an AdWords Search Term Report (Search Query Report)


This is relevant for Google AdWords only. Bing Ads kindly sets the appropriate match type for each search term you want to add. This guide assumes that you are familiar with the basics of using Microsoft Excel.

You’re a PPC Specialist and you’ve just taken over a neglected PPC account and the first thing you do is go to the account level, choose the last 60 days and run an AdWords search term report. Only to find out that there are hundreds of terms that have converted but have not been added to the account!

If you’re in AdWords, when you select a keyword to be added (as a positive kw), it automatically selects the match type as broad, which of course you do not want.

Example of how a Search Term Report Looks in the Adwords Interface.

Depending on the account structure, you would probably want to add the terms in either exact or phrase match (or possibly in modified broad match). Doing this manually via the interface would be a very tedious task. So we’ve come up with quick solution with the help of our friend Microsoft Excel:

  1. Select the relevant keywords and run the AdWords search term report for your desired date range
  1. Click on the download button and choose ‘.csv’ format.
  1. Open the sheet then filter based on your chosen criteria (conversions, clicks, CTR, etc).
  1. Copy and paste all the keywords that you wish to add to the account into a new sheet (preserving the column titles).
  1. Do a find and replace to change ‘phrase (close variant)’ and ‘exact (close variant)’ to ‘phrase’ and ‘exact’ respectively.
  1. Change the column titled ‘search term’ to ‘keyword’. Save the file in the csv format.
  1. Open AdWords Editor and click on Account>Import>From File and select the chosen csv file.
  1. Review imports before confirming acceptance, then upload the changes via AdWords Editor and you’re done!

This simple 8-stage process can save you hours of fiddling around in the interface when it comes to adding new keywords to your account via an AdWords search term report.

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