Social Media Apps for Mobile Devices

Social media apps for mobile devices are an essential part of managing social networks on the go. Thanks to mobile devices we have the world of social media at our fingertips at all times. Whether you are in the iphone or android camp there is a huge array of social media apps to choose from. As a business, social media is one of the most effective ways to encourage engagement, increase traffic and generate leads. Social media is a 24/7 activity with constantly changing trends and fast-moving conversations, so social media apps on mobile devices is paramount for staying on top of the game and being productive on your social media channels.

social media apps for mobile devices

Top social media apps for mobile devices:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an powerful all-in-one social media channel manager. The app links to the web-based version where you need to create an account and assign your various social media channels. Hootsuite offers free and pro accounts, for managing multiple social networks including twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin, google+, foursquare and more. The app lets you schedule updates, access analytics and generate click reports. There is even a translate option for networks. Included in the Hootsuite mobile app is the ability to examine social media statistics, monitor keywords, browse trending topics and view conversations for context. This is a popular social media app for mobile devices with its elegant interface and ease of use.

2. Flipboard

The Flipboard app collates all your social media channels and displays them in a magazine format. It is a visually led mobile social media app that let’s the user pick the topics they are interested in along with popular publications, websites and rss feeds. There is the option to add social media channels too and all of these are displayed in a visually-led feed. In Flipboard you can easily share, like and +1 stories as well as respond to interactions on your own social media channels.

3. Facebook (including Facebook pages)

As the world’s leading social network, the Facebook app for social media devices is a must. The latest upgrades include a smarter design with more intuitive movement of conversations. The latest upgrades allows better use viewing, sharing and saving photos.  As a social media manager the Facebook Pages app is essential for tracking and updating your pages. This app allows Page Admins to view the latest page insights, receive push notifications and respond to private messages. And if you are active on Facebook Messenger it is worth using that dedicated app for your mobile.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest, the social bookmarking and online scrapbook site, is now the world’s third largest social network and has just launched it’s localised service in the UK. It has nifty features such as language settings (UK English) and promoting UK based pinners when new users sign up.

The Pinterest app is great for pinning while on the go and includes a camera feature for snapping and uploading your own image. The app offers notifications, @ mentions  and an intuitive search bar.

5. Google+ (including Google+ Hangouts)

The Google+ social media app for mobile devices has a powerful and attractive, image-led interface. It includes all of the features of the web-based Google+ including auto-enhance for photos, search hashtags for relevant content, and user-friendly sharing options to your circles. The Google+ Hangouts, which is perfect for video chats and conferences while on the go. Hangouts include text, photo sharing along with video with the emphasis on conversations with your contacts.

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