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3 Simple Ways to Drive More Website Conversions

It’s great if your website traffic is booming, but what is the point if that traffic is not converting? Make a quick search online and you’ll find tons of tips on how to make your site convert. Undoubtedly, it can be confusing and maybe even chaotic to try to make your way through all those tips and strategies, so why not start with a few simple strategies you can focus on for results? Before we carry on, let us be clear on what is meant by “conversion rate”.

What is conversion rate?

Your conversion rate refers to your ability to get a certain proportion of your website visitors to complete a specific action that you have defined as a conversion. Your conversion can be anything from an email opt-in to a sale. The higher the percentage of your visitors that subscribes to your list or makes a purchase, the higher your conversion rate.

Now, what should you do to drive more conversions?

1. Make it easy to get to the endpoint

The endpoint of your user journey depends on what your conversion is. If it is the completion of a sale, then you’ll need to make it easy for visitors to get to the purchase page. In ecommerce, that means reducing the number of clicks. Actually, that applies to a number of different kinds of sites as well.

Nobody wants to have to click through several pages to get to what they want, so your focus should be on making it as easy as possible for your visitors to get to that point. Reduce the number of pop-ups you use or eliminate them entirely.

2. Send emails to customers who abandon carts

Once you notice that a visitor has filled their cart but abandoned it at some point, you need to make moves to ensure that this opportunity to make a sale does not pass you by. You can set up an automated email sequence to specifically target customers like this.

One effective way of bringing such a customer back is by sending them an offer via email. If they don’t take action the first time, continue to send them offers.

3. Avoid springing ugly surprises

Any buyer will almost certainly be disappointed when they realise they have to pay extra fees after they have taken the time to fill their cart and made it to the checkout page. In fact, they may leave your site in disgust and decide to never come back. It is better to be upfront with any fees because trying to be dodgy will only backfire.

Remember, your website is there to serve your visitors. Do those well and conversions should get better.

Integrating SEO and PPC for Multi-Channel Success


Do you interact with your audience across multiple channels? If not, you could be missing out on a lot of potential success. Multi-Channel marketing is crucial to achieving more exposure. Any digital marketer will tell you the value of a well integrated SEO campaign. Create good content and optimise it for the right search terms, and you’ll receive more traffic to your site. And while this tactic alone can see you get results, you can significantly enhance that by using PPC.

PPC and why it’s so important

We know that visibility is crucial to success, and it’s why companies invest so much of their budget into SEO and marketing. Being on the first page of Google means you can enjoy much higher click rates. How many times do you perform a web search and you click the top result? A study found that last year, a website with the top position on Google received a click through rate of a whopping 40.2%. That rate starts dropping exponentially the further down you rank. So we know it’s important to rank highly. But it’s difficult to get those sorts of organic results quickly. It takes time to gain authority without using black hat SEO tactics. This is where pay per click comes in.


PPC is a business model where companies pay a fee every time their website is clicked on. You know those ads that appear at the top of Google SERPS? Those are PPC ads, and they’re a quick and easy way of jumping to the coveted top spot of results pages immediately. One of the greatest benefits of implementing this is that even if your ad isn’t clicked on, you’ll still gain exposure and awareness of your brand. By analysing what search terms your audience use and what you want to rank for, you can optimise your content and stand a much higher chance of success. Combine this with advertising across multiple channels, from social media to email campaigns and using location services to tailor your PPC ads to search terms in a certain area, and you’ll benefit from people remembering your business. It’s an instant way of gaining more authority and integrity, and with that comes crucial sales.

The New Innovative Technologies That Assist Marketing Efforts

The role of marketing in the modern era: Marketing has earned a new meaning in the modern times because of the new technologies & techniques which has come with the coming of the internet technology. Marketing is a very important process which is used by the marketing individuals to promote the products & services of the clients among the consumers. Marketing is playing the key role today in determining the success of a business or any other organization. But it is definitely important as it makes the people aware.

The role of the marketing individuals: Marketing individuals are the people who know marketing very well. These are trained people who had made marketing their profession. There are many companies who hire marketing individuals to do the task of marketing & there are many companies who have marketing individuals who look after the marketing needs of the company in which they are working & are getting paid for. There are many companies who have a separate section for marketing where all the marketing needs & requirements of the company are taken care of.

The credibility of the new marketing techniques: PPC Agency is the new form of a marketing technique used in today’s technological sound era where people have made internet their lives & technology is integrated with the lives of the people. PPC agencies work as intermediaries between the client & the marketing professionals who are providing the PPC service which is also known as pay per Click service, a new form of digital marketing process. PPC Company is providing the service of Pay per Click which is turning out to be useful to the business companies & other organizations. SEO services or Search Engine Optimization services are a popular form of PPC service which is playing an effective part in the process of digital marketing which is the new attraction of recent times.

The nature of the SEO services in United Kingdom: UK SEO Services are very popular as they are providing the best SEO services to the clients which contain many big & popular companies. The individuals who are working are skilled & competent people who have vast knowledge regarding the work they are performing.

Hence, it can be stated that the new process of digital marketing is proving to be very beneficial to the people.

The Effects of Digital Marketing in the Field Of Marketing

The predominant process of marketing: Marketing is playing a vital role in the lives of the people specially the ones who are engaged with providing services & businesses to the consumers. Today, the spectrum of marketing has broadened with many new techniques & strategies which are coming in handy in this new generation where technology is playing the predominant role. The advanced & innovative techniques & strategies are in accordance with the technically skilled world. Marketing was a lengthy process which includes lot of strategies & techniques before the coming of the digital marketing.

The importance of digital marketing: Digital marketing is turning out to be very beneficial to the people of today’s world. The advent of internet in the lives of the people has helped them tremendously as it led to the coming up of the new techniques & strategies which are making new opportunities for the people. Digital marketing is a form of marketing which is apt for today’s time where internet is playing the prominent role. In the process of digital marketing, marketing is done by using the electronic medium or the digital medium which are very commonly used by the people of today in their lives. The popularity of internet & modern technology among the people has made the various businesses & other organizations go for digital marketing to attain more customers. Business is all about making profit & without profit a business will not run properly. Digital marketing is using the latest technology to reach to the huge no. of people who are using internet.

The role played by the new technology in the lives of the people: These new technologies are used as they are giving the best results & are cutting the lengthy process in short ones thereby increasing the efficiency of the work making the work faster than it was before. PPC Agency is helping their clients by providing best form of digital marketing services to the people. PPC agencies are intermediary organizations that provide services to their clients by taking the help of the marketing individuals whereas the PPC Company is a type of organization who has marketing professionals working for the companies by providing top quality services to the clients of the company. UK SEO services have gained huge popularity among the people because of their excellent manner of providing services to the people.

Thus, digital marketing has proved its immense worth to the people.

PPC and SEO services are widely accepted

With the massive growth and expansion of the virtual medium, company websites are gaining popularity and success. At present, websites are modified and renovated so that they attract more clients and customers towards the company and its products. Website modification is an excellent branding strategy by which the companies benefit in the long run. Through building and development of websites, companies are doing really well.

With this, comes the concept of a ppc agency. Such agencies are known for their paid per communication theory where they connect the websites to the potential group of target audiences. When visitors enter certain keywords, few websites pop up at the screen. This is the effective result of such agencies. The service delivered by the agencies is goal-oriented and match pace with the objectives and aims of the commercial firms and enterprises. The agencies charge according to their service. It is quite reasonable service that is offered to all commercial businesses and corporate.


Websites can be best developed with the help of uk seo services. The search engine optimization service looks after various aspects of websites and online portal of a company. Right from the content in the websites to its design and graphics, everything is well taken care of by the SEO agencies. There are content development services, link building services, web design services and web animation services. All these solutions and services act wonders for a website and the best achievement can be witnessed then. The online services are highly acclaimed by the corporate industry as they get the best assured returns from the solutions.

When talking about SEO services, the uk seo company shall not be missed. Such companies provide a wide variety of search engine optimization services. They are responsible for optimizing the websites and modifying content and graphics, to give the websites, a changed and new look. Their main job is to make the company websites attractive and interesting for all viewers and clients. The SEO companies deliver the services on time and meet their deadlines. They pay heed to what the company wants and what they need and frame their strategies accordingly. They take up various projects and work according to the needs and desires of the company.

Therefore, to conclude, such innovative services and solutions are essential for all companies, especially when there is a tough competition. The companies are looking for more of such services so that they can achieve their goals and objectives and create history.

What is Content Marketing? – A beginners guide to Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

What is content marketing? It is a marketing approach and practice that involves the creation of original content and media in order to strengthen a brand and encourage customers to a business. The aim is to build brand loyalty and potential future business. It is the antithesis of direct sales; content marketing is all about playing the long game.

Traditional forms of marketing are becoming less effective as consumers become increasingly savvy to advertising techniques. It is becoming easier for potential customers to avoid advertising in the form of sidebar banners on websites, television adverts or even blanking out huge billboards.

Content marketing is an attractive style of marketing that aims to appeal to customers and garner their interest in a brand through longer terms strategies of producing content, sharing information and offering valuable ideas or advice.

Content marketing concentrates on connecting with potential customers rather than directly selling to them. It is an intelligent way to share brand messages without inundating customers with sales pitches. The purpose of which is to convert potential customers into brand evangelists. The long-term goal is future business and loyalty – both of which are more sustainable with an integrated content marketing approach.

Many aspects of marketing rely on good quality content to succeed. From SEO to PPC, great PR campaigns and social media strategy – behind all of these marketing media strategies is content that is original, informative, inspiring or helpful. Getting to grips with content marketing will take any marketing strategy to the next level.

Content marketing is about brand integrity, building trust and confidence in your brand message.

Why is content marketing important?

  • People don’t want advertising they want valuable information
  • People will share valuable content on social media
  • Google and other search engines rank quality content favourably
  • Customers would rather get to know a company through articles than advertising.

How content marketing will grow your business:

  • Prospecting
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Community
  • Customer Support
  • Thought Leadership

What types of content you can produce:

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Magazine articles
  • Webinars
  • Powerpoint presentations (upload to Slideshare)
  • Tutorials/guides
  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks

Good content producers make customers want to continue reading and engaging with the brand. Ideally content marketing should drive brand recognition and illustrate details about the company without pushing sales on individual products. It is essential for content marketing to entice the customer to come back for more.

Content marketing is a fresh, innovative approach to integrating brands, products and services into something people actually want to see. With captivating content your potential customer base will expand and grow.

firstClick digital is a London based digital marketing agency with a wealth of experience backed up with the technology and valuable knowledge needed to deliver a healthy ROI for any campaign. Feel free to give us a call on 0207 289 3218 or fill out the contact form and see how we can help your business grow!


10 Social Networking Facts

social networking

Today we want to share with you our top 10 social networking facts. Social networking in 2013 continues to grow at a fast pace with a rise in active engagement across all social platforms. The stats for 2013 show that mobile users, the older age demographic and twitter are the biggest figures to think about. The Global Web Index study indicates some eye-opening social networking statistics and trends for 2013.

Here are 10 social networking facts for 2013:

Mobile Users

Internet users accessing the Internet via their mobile phones is on the increase with a staggering growth off 60.3% in the last two years to a huge 818.4 million users.

Older Social Networking Users

The older age demographic is taking up social networking at a huge rate contributing to growth across all social media platforms.

A staggering 79% of new users on Twitter fall into the 55-64 age demographic.


Twitter continues to be the fastest growing social network in the world with 288 million active users and 500 million registered accounts. That’s a growth of 44% from June 2012 to March 2013.


Google+ is the second largest social network with integration between other google products such as Youtube, Search and Maps. Active users on Google+ grew by 33% between June 2012 and March 2013. It now has 359 million active users a month.


Facebook growth continues and now has 665 million daily active users and 1.1billion monthly active users.

Facebook has 189million mobile-only active users and has seen significant growth on ad revenue from mobile-users at 30% of it’s total ad income.


Youtube has been played an integral part in the rapid change in video consumption over the past decade. With 1 billion visitors a month Youtube has seen a massive increase of 50% in videos hours watched between August 2012 and March 2013. Youtube reaches more US adults in the 18-34 age group than any cable network.


Linkedin continues to be the largest professional platform with 200million users, of which 64% are outside of the US. Linkedin has two new users join every second.


Instagram users spend over 250 minutes a month on the app. The visual-led social network is on the rise.

Social networking continues to grow aided by the increase in mobile users on social networks. This means that people are choosing to stay connected wherever they are. As the social networking world is opening up to the older age demographic the expectations of customer’s relying on social media engagement will rise. These top 10 social networking facts for 2013 demonstrates just how vital good social media engagement across all of the big networks are important for driving engagement, traffic and growth.

Social Media Apps for Mobile Devices

Social media apps for mobile devices are an essential part of managing social networks on the go. Thanks to mobile devices we have the world of social media at our fingertips at all times. Whether you are in the iphone or android camp there is a huge array of social media apps to choose from. As a business, social media is one of the most effective ways to encourage engagement, increase traffic and generate leads. Social media is a 24/7 activity with constantly changing trends and fast-moving conversations, so social media apps on mobile devices is paramount for staying on top of the game and being productive on your social media channels.

social media apps for mobile devices

Top social media apps for mobile devices:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an powerful all-in-one social media channel manager. The app links to the web-based version where you need to create an account and assign your various social media channels. Hootsuite offers free and pro accounts, for managing multiple social networks including twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin, google+, foursquare and more. The app lets you schedule updates, access analytics and generate click reports. There is even a translate option for networks. Included in the Hootsuite mobile app is the ability to examine social media statistics, monitor keywords, browse trending topics and view conversations for context. This is a popular social media app for mobile devices with its elegant interface and ease of use.

2. Flipboard

The Flipboard app collates all your social media channels and displays them in a magazine format. It is a visually led mobile social media app that let’s the user pick the topics they are interested in along with popular publications, websites and rss feeds. There is the option to add social media channels too and all of these are displayed in a visually-led feed. In Flipboard you can easily share, like and +1 stories as well as respond to interactions on your own social media channels.

3. Facebook (including Facebook pages)

As the world’s leading social network, the Facebook app for social media devices is a must. The latest upgrades include a smarter design with more intuitive movement of conversations. The latest upgrades allows better use viewing, sharing and saving photos.  As a social media manager the Facebook Pages app is essential for tracking and updating your pages. This app allows Page Admins to view the latest page insights, receive push notifications and respond to private messages. And if you are active on Facebook Messenger it is worth using that dedicated app for your mobile.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest, the social bookmarking and online scrapbook site, is now the world’s third largest social network and has just launched it’s localised service in the UK. It has nifty features such as language settings (UK English) and promoting UK based pinners when new users sign up.

The Pinterest app is great for pinning while on the go and includes a camera feature for snapping and uploading your own image. The app offers notifications, @ mentions  and an intuitive search bar.

5. Google+ (including Google+ Hangouts)

The Google+ social media app for mobile devices has a powerful and attractive, image-led interface. It includes all of the features of the web-based Google+ including auto-enhance for photos, search hashtags for relevant content, and user-friendly sharing options to your circles. The Google+ Hangouts, which is perfect for video chats and conferences while on the go. Hangouts include text, photo sharing along with video with the emphasis on conversations with your contacts.

AdWords iPad Compatibility – Using AdWords on The New iPad 3

Adwords iPad Compatibility - New iPad 3
It’s no secret that Google is still the number one search engine to advertise on.  And whether you are a large agency managing multiple client accounts, or a small one person business, every now and then you will have to log into the Adwords online interface to check or manage your account(s).

Since the launch of the first generation iPad, tech savvy search marketers have been interested to know whether or not they could log into their AdWords accounts/MCC while on the move.

A quick Google Search for ‘adwords ipad’ or ‘adwords on ipad’ will come up with a list of forums /blogs not really providing much  information for someone who is sitting on the fence with regards to getting an iPad based on whether or not there are prominent AdWords iPad compatibility issues.

There may be times when you need to access your Adwords account when you are not in the office or in front of a computer/mac or laptop.  In such cases, the Adwords iPad combo seems like the perfect option.

Here at Firstclick Digital, we managed to get our hands on the new iPad, also unofficially referred to as the iPad 3 soon after it was launched (released on 16th March 2012), and decided to see if it was fit for the task.

We put it to use and have provided our findings below.  We have also outlined some useful tips to take into account when accessing your Adwords account via the new iPad (ie: looking at the Google AdWords iPad compatibility)

Firstly, it’s important to point out that although many AdWords iPad users report compatibility issues when trying to access Adwords via safari on their (first and second generation) iPads, it does actually work on the new third generation iPad – you just need to know a few tricks.

  1. Make sure that you have another website open on separate tab first. We don’t know why this works but it just does. It somehow prevents Safari crashing when you log into Adwords (if not, Safari may likely crash within 30 seconds of logging in – a standard Adwords iPad comparability issue associated with the iPad 2). The same goes for the My Client Centre as well.
  2. When navigating through your Adwords account, be patient and just click once.  Don’t double click any link, button or tab once logged in. For some reason this may cause Adwords to start to lag or even cause safari to crash.  Just click once and let the page load, after a few seconds (depending on the speed of your Internet connection), you can click on another link/navigation button. This will prevent any AdWords iPad related crashes.
  3. If for some reason, you wish to dig a little deeper into your account (for instance looking at individual keywords), you may notice some lag. If you were to click on a particular ad group then navigate to the keyword level, you may notice that the keyword list simply fails to load. In which case (after allowing the necessary number of seconds for loading), you will need to click on one of the other tabs (such as ads, settings etc) then click back on the ‘keywords’ tab again.  Now you should be able to see your list of keywords without the AdWords iPad compatibility issues associated with previous versions of Apple’s flagship tablet device.


AdWords iPad live display image
AdWords looks super smooth on the new iPad's retina display

What you probably will be using your iPad for: 

  • Adjusting Campaign budgets on the go
  • Changing settings of a campaign
  • Adjusting AdGroup bids (maybe keyword bids as well…)
  • Viewing account performance
  • Pausing/Un-pausing groups, ads and keywords
  • Showing clients/colleagues overall account performance via the campaigns tab/graph

What you probably won’t be using your iPad for:

  • Doing large search query reports
  • Adjusting a large number of bids at the keyword level
  • Adding new keywords (although you can, this is slightly tedious)
  • Creating new campaigns, ad groups, ads


In a nutshell, the new iPad is a fit device to access Google AdWords from. It falls in line with the general purpose of the new iPad, and that’s to be a device used for data consumption rather than production. Therefore, you probably won’t be doing any complex AdWords based tasks, but you will definitely be using it to check on your account(s) and making simple and useful changes to them without encountering any major AdWords iPad compatibility issues. That being said, even on a mac/pc you probably would be using the AdWords interface for the same reasons as you would on the new iPad and doing the more complex account management via a tool like AdWords Editor.

The new iPad is definitely a worthwhile investment for the ever busy search marketer. The sharp visuals make for an overall pleasurable experience, not to mention allowing proposals/presentations to look all the more better!

I wouldn’t hurt Google to release a dedicated Adwords iPad application (similar to AdWords Editor). Just a thought…

UPDATE: Google released Chrome (browser) for the iPad on June 28th 2012. Naturally, this browser is a lot more compatible with AdWords than Safari is. If you wish to access your AdWords MCC or individual account, use Chrome instead of Safari.

FirstClick Digital is a London based digital marketing agency with a wealth of search marketing experience backed up with the valuable knowledge needed to deliver a healthy ROI for any campaign. Feel free to give us a call on 0207 289 3218 or fill out the contact form and see how we can help your business grow!

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Top 5 Tips for Launching a Successful Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Top 5 Tips for PPC Post it Note

For this post we have decided to cut straight to the point and give you (what we consider to be the top 5 tips) for launching a successful/profitable pay per click advertising campaign.

1. Keyword research: It is important to target the most relevant search terms when building a keyword list. After all, keywords are at the root of any ‘search’ pay per click advertising campaign. Negative keyword research is just as important as positive keyword research. Tip: use Google’s Keyword Tool or Word Tracker to start generating your keyword list.

2. Account Structure: Create separate campaigns for different products/services. You can set a separate budget for each campaign which allows different sets of keywords to ‘express’ themselves without having to share a budget with thousands of other keywords. Create laser targeted Ad Groups for sub level products/services. Don’t put 100’s of keywords in one Ad Group, try to limit your keywords to 1-3 per ad group (this helps with optimisation of the pay per click advertising campaign). Unless the keywords are extremely similar, we usually place no more than 3 keywords per ad group. If you want to expand your reach, then learn to use your keyword matching options (i.e.: broad, phrase, exact, broad match modified, advance match, etc). Tip: Use AdWords Editor to arrange your account structure with ease.

3. Conversion Tracking: It is important to set up some type of conversion tracking before you launch your pay per click advertising campaign. This way you can see which keywords are yielding conversions and which ones aren’t. Google AdWords offers free conversion tracking capabilities as well as Microsoft AdCentre (Bing), Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Analytics.

4. Landing Pages: A good landing pages can help increase your ‘quality score’ and increase your conversion rates. Most PPC networks (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) use automated systems to check landing pages, but then again keep in mind that Google employees periodically review landing pages in person as well. If they don’t think you have a great landing page their likely to smack your quality scores or your website –we have seen this happen many times (it is often referred to as a ‘Google Slap!’). Try to create landing pages that are as relevant as possible to what the user is searching for. Naturally, this makes sense as it will also help with conversion rates and therefore yield a better ROI. Tip: Networks such as Google now want advertisers to be very ‘transparent’. Therefore, make sure your website/landing page conforms to all of the guidelines for whichever network you intend to advertise on.

5. A / B Testing: Aside from keyword/bid optimisation, this is the most important form of optimisation that you should do. Pay per click advertisers should always A / B test their ads along with landing pages. Don’t be lazy – just do it. Too many advertisers overlook this (small changes can make huge differences).

Implement these 5 tips and you will be well on your way to a successful and rewarding pay per click advertising campaign.

Want to launch a profitable per click advertising campaign but don’t have the time or resource to do it in house effectively? Then drop us a line, here at FirstClick Digital we have years of experience in launching and managing successful pay per click advertising campaigns. Visit here for more information.