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Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Bing Ads Scripts

Are you spending way too much time on campaign strategies and other time consuming tasks? Do you want to automate common data workflow interactions and manage tiresome tasks more easily? You can leverage Bing Ads Scripts to help you do these manual tasks.

Bing Ads Scripts are pieces of JavaScript code which let you create, delete, change and manage items in your Bing Ads account using JavaScript in Bing Ads’ browser script editor. Bing Ads Scripts make powerful automation accessible to anyone with a Bing ads account. You can make as many changes as you desire across your account at the same time, without stressing yourself by doing it manually.

What can you do with Scripts?

These are some of the fantastic things you can do with Scripts.

  1. You can easily make changes across multiple accounts at once and also make adjustments to your budgets across campaigns.
  2. Effortlessly pause and resume mass groups of campaigns based on sale threshold.
  3. Easily apply negative keyword lists, including cross-account negative keywords, across multiple campaigns or accounts.
  4. Make email alerts when KPIs hit benchmarks or digress from historical performance.
  5. Easily identify and pause all ads with Final URLs that have 404 pages.
  6. Recognize and automatically pause ads when the item it is advertising is out of stock.
  7. Have a completely customisable visibility into almost any scenario you can dream up.
  8. Easily store and track quality scores by account, campaign, and ad group.
  9. Bing Ads Script does not only perform automation, it can as well pull external data and connect to APIs.

Bing Ads Scripts and Google Ads Scripts

Bing Ads Script is derived from the same JavaScript language that Google Ads Script is derived from. Although there are some differences between Google Ads Scripts and Bing Ads Scripts, they are x`both comparable in the way they are assessed and their user interface.

It is easier to convert Google scripts to Bing scripts as long as your script in Google Ads only contains classes that are available in Bing. You can also use your Google Ads scripts again by simply copying and pasting them. Once you click save, it will automatically make some changes to make them compatible with Bing Ads. Although, the functions that are not supported by Bing Ads Scripts will be automatically highlighted as an unrecognisable symbol.

Automating your basic tasks and reports with scripts, will spare you ample amount of to brainstorm ad copy and perform higher level strategy.

Top 17 Sources of Fresh Content Marketing Ideas

Target Audience

One of the onerous aspects of content marketing is the need to consistently produce fresh content. While a content marketer might have a team to produce close to the needed number of content for his audience, coming up with fresh ideas is a challenge. Great ideas are at the heart of every content marketing campaign and as such, one needs to find the sources of these ideas. The task can be mentally daunting but with good sources, the process would definitely be exciting. If you need lots of options than your own personal creativity (which is never sufficient in the industry), check out these top 17 sources of fresh content marketing ideas.

Google search

By keying in any keyword related to your business on Google, you will be provided with insight into what your audience is searching for. From this you can develop content that is relevant. These Google suggestions will provide recommendations for the searches related to the keyword, and give you a time frame in order to make your ideas more specific. For instance, searching for “window panes” will suggest particular locations people look for them and the times of the year they do.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great sources of fresh content marketing ideas. They will alert you to trending topics among your target audience. From these topics, you can create content that will generate high traffic to your site as everyone will be interested in clicking on them. There will be lots of trends, pick the ones your audience will find most interesting.


You will find that a well conducted brainstorming session between you and your content marketing team will provide you with amazing ideas. However, it is important to ensure everyone is given audience during these sessions. No brainstorming idea is bad (at least till they are properly worked on). Focusing on what is practical alone will only end up stifling your team’s creative flow.


Quora is fast becoming a hub for fresh content marketing ideas. This is because, unlike most other Q and A sites, the community has developed into a popular one and the answers provided on the platform are informative. It has great features which allow for a wide variety of questions and approaches to them. Therefore, whatever your niche is, you can take advantage of it to generate awesome ideas for your campaigns.


These sources do more than provide you with content ideas. They also keep you updated on all the happenings on major social media platforms. You can bookmark those that discuss topics related to your niche. Briefings are ideal for content ideas because they augment your research efforts. There are tons of them and some curate content from thousands of sites thereby saving you time from a comprehensive internet search for ideas.

Personal interests

There is no rule against writing on what you love as a content marketer. In fact, it is easier to come up with blog post ideas when you write on issues you are interested in. Same goes for infographics and other forms of content.

Customer feedback

Whichever media you have chosen to be your primary sources of content ideas, customer feedback should be part of them. They guide your content development process and make them more relevant. They show if your content marketing campaigns are going in the right direction. So, keep all channels for feedback open at all times.

Magazines and newspapers

In spite of the fact that these are old school, they are filled with content marketing ideas. If you are able to harness these sources in a way that suits your needs, you will find they are easy to use.


This works almost like Google search and produces amazing results that are both relevant and can feed a large audience with content on a regular basis. The process is simple: key in keywords that are related to your business and take note of the suggestions. The suggestions are what your audience is wondering about. Then you can create videos that respond to their needs.

Oz content

This allows you to generate content ideas using its own ideas and research. This piece of software targets the right audience to make content marketing easy.

Swipe file

Brilliant ideas can come at any time. A swipe file is where you document these momentary flashes of ideas. When you need content ideas, you can always refer to it.


Brainpickings is a resource that serves as an inventory on a wide range of disciplines like art, architecture, interior decoration, literature, history, philosophy, and so on. It allows you to cover your area of interest within a short time and scout for ideas.

Yahoo answers

This is a Q & A platform, just like Quora. It is interest based which means you can just check out the section that interests you. You can also key in a search phrase and gain access to questions related to it.


This is a social media platform for professionals from different disciplines. Here, you can gain access to a host of quality content in your niche and make connections. It is a source for content marketers catering to a professional audience.


If you are looking for weird and random ideas for your audience, Reddit is the place to go. However, you have to use it alongside other sources as the platform can be unpredictable.


Your feeds can be a source of fresh ideas. They let you see content from websites immediately they are updated. Subscribing to them might be a great way put an end to creative blockage.


This allows you to search for all the topics and sub-topics web users are interested in. It suggests areas your content should focus on. You can use it to see web users’ interests on a particular keyword and then use the ones within your niche.


These creative sources are unique in the way they work and the ideas they help you generate. Try using as many as possible to get a feel of how they work. Then you can settle for the ones you find most effective.

Google Starts Letting Anyone Register ‘.app’ Domains

More than thirty-six months after Google paid $ 25 million for the limited rights to the TLD “.app” the company is finally allowing .app domains to be available for registration until May 7 at 09:00 PDT using its Early Access Program. The next day, May 8th, the domains will be put on sale to the public, also through other registrars.

The new top-level domain (TLD) is an apparent choice for application programmers and developers in the technology sector because it serves as an easy and identifiable alternative to .com, where for a while now popular words has been running low.

In addition to the expected application, Google requires HTTPS for every. app websites. This in-built security safeguards against the injection of malware advertising by Internet service providers and protects against eavesdropping on open Wi-Fi networks, says the Company.

Google has been a supporter of web promotion to HTTPS adoption, and said last fall that about 64 percent of the traffic flow that passed through its Chrome browser on Android was secure, 42 percent more than the previous year. Chrome’s traffic on Mac was up to 75 percent and Windows up to 66 percent at the same time. The increases are due to a number of Google actions, including the decision to flag all websites that use HTTP to transmit private information as “unsafe”.

This year, Google said it would mark all pages without HTTPS encryption as hazardous as of July, with the release of Chrome 68.

Given the company’s plans, it is logical that the new addition to the Google domain also includes integrated HTTPS protection.

Still, it’s something of a milestone, Google says.

“Because .app is the first top-level domain, with greater security available for general registration, it is helping to move the site to an HTTPS-worldwide future,” reads the announcement of the company’s new top-level domain.

Prior to the public appearance of .app, Google had contacted possible candidates, giving them a first chance to get a .app domain to show possible use cases. A few of those who have started using .app domains include, Cash App, Outdoor Voices, Bark, Sitata, Picnic, Trail, MenaVR, BNEXT, The Podcast App, Albert, CallApp, Pickle, amongst others around the globe.

The corporation has also eliminated the domain requirement restricted to application developers, although Google suggests that the name makes more sense in that market.

In an interview last month with Domain Name Wire, Google said its goal is to make .app domains cheap and accessible – expect the price to be lower than other TLDs such as .come or .song, for example. The site said that would mean that the wholesale prices would total $ 10-12 and registration would be $ 20 (However, prices were not detailed in the announcement).

If you are interested in the .app domain, you can register your preferred domain until May 7, 2018 from 09:00 PDT, if you wish to pay an additional fee for early access before the launch of the public domain through other registrars.