Google AdWords Launches Affiliate Location Extensions

Google AdWords Affiliate Location Extensions

Google has recently launched its affiliate location extensions in the United States. Affiliate extensions will assist manufacturers in driving customers to third-party retail stores that sell their products.

What are affiliate location extensions?

As a business that sells products through retail outlets, affiliate location extensions can help you reach customers the moment they are thinking of what and where to buy. Affiliate extensions help customers find stores in their location that sell your products.

How do they work?

Affiliate extensions can help advertisers reach new customers with the following steps:

  1. Someone searches for a product on Google’s SERP
  2. The business ad shows, along with the affiliate location extension
  3. The ad is served to the searcher on Google as an address or a map
  4. A smartphone user can tap the address/map and get directions to the store
  5. The user navigates their way to the store and purchases the product

When manufacturers can use them

As a manufacturer with products in retail outlets, you can use affiliate location extensions to make your products and the store locations easily visible to potential customers in the area. For your own store, use location extensions instead.

Setting up affiliate location extension

To setup affiliate location extensions, add the extension and indicate the retail stores that sell your products. Unlike ordinary location extensions, affiliate location extensions don’t need a Google My Business link.

Affiliate location extensions can be set at account, campaign and ad group levels of your Google AdWords account.

  1. Sign in to AdWords account
  2. Click the Campaigns (or Ad groups) tab and pick an existing campaign (or ad groups). Proceed from All campaigns for account-level affiliate location extensions.
  3. Select the Ad extensions label
  4. Click “affiliate location extensions”
  5. Indicate the retail outlets selling your products
  6. Save your settings.

This new service will go a long way in improving manufacturer-retailer relations and can be thought of as a push campaign to drive footfall into the stores.

Google AdWords Affiliate Location Extensions

The categories

Affiliate location extensions are in 3 categories; ‘Relationship type’, ‘Country’ and ‘Chains’. Depending on your business location, the ‘Relationship type’ and ‘Country’ are pre-defined. For example, if you are a big brand in Sussex, it will be listed as ‘general retailers’ and ‘UK’ respectively. ‘Chains’ is the section you can select from.

“Location Extension”; Origins from 2009

It will be remembered that Google introduced the “location extensions” back in 2009 to help businesses advertise and drive more foot traffic to their locations straight from the search ads.

Affiliate location extension comes as a specialised spinoff for manufacturers and retailers who will benefit from the service.

It is said that 75% of consumers who perform a local search on their phones visit the store within 24 hours. Once again, Google emphasises the importance of grabbing customer attention at the moment when they are seeking a product.

The customer journey is about proactivity; being in the right place at the right time, and affiliate location extension addresses this need sufficiently.

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