New AMP Filter in Search Console Released by Google


It’s been a recurring difficulty that’s plagued SEO marketers; finding out exactly which AMP results and Rich Snippets are ranking their sites, and how much CTR and traffic those figures are generating. Having an accurate and efficient method of checking this data really speeds up website optimisation, and therefore ranking and results. Recently released in their Search Console, Google’s new innovative feature, named Search Appearance, allows marketers a far greater degree of control and accuracy, as well as a making their job easier, it’s also much more cost-effective and efficient, when compared to previous testing methods. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the key facts about the new release and how to make the most of its features.

Here’s the key quote from Google

“We’ve just started rolling out a change in Search Console’s Search Analytics feature that lets you drill down to look at how your AMP pages are doing in Search. With this, you can filter for AMP results (“which queries lead to my AMP pages being shown?”), compare how their metrics stack against other search results links, or see how the visibility of your site’s AMP pages has evolved over time. It’s visible for all sites that show AMP pages in Search.”

Easily accessed within Search Console, once you’ve selected the website, simply look in the Search Traffic menu and click on Search Analytics. Once here, you’ll see a new feature called Search Appearance, which shows you Analytics on the kind of search result, namely AMP, and Search Result Links, with other useful filters coming soon. While quite a subtle change to Search Console, the new possibilities offered from this are enormous, and all while being incredibly easy to access, efficient and unobtrusive.

AMP Filter in Search Console

A particularly useful and interesting element of the update, is being able to see what Queries are yielding these particular results. Another clear, efficient and easy way to optimise, without too much effort expended on testing and research. It’s really all about minimising effort and hours wasted on testing, and really these new features are focused almost exclusively on that. As a SEO marketer, this really does make your life easier, and takes away something that can be a really protracted, inefficient, and inconclusive task and replaces it with a much quicker, easier route.

Search Appearance is a feature definitely worth exploring and utilising, especially when looking to maximise efficiency and new ways of improving rankings.

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