Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Bing Ads Scripts

Are you spending way too much time on campaign strategies and other time consuming tasks? Do you want to automate common data workflow interactions and manage tiresome tasks more easily? You can leverage Bing Ads Scripts to help you do these manual tasks.

Bing Ads Scripts are pieces of JavaScript code which let you create, delete, change and manage items in your Bing Ads account using JavaScript in Bing Ads’ browser script editor. Bing Ads Scripts make powerful automation accessible to anyone with a Bing ads account. You can make as many changes as you desire across your account at the same time, without stressing yourself by doing it manually.

What can you do with Scripts?

These are some of the fantastic things you can do with Scripts.

  1. You can easily make changes across multiple accounts at once and also make adjustments to your budgets across campaigns.
  2. Effortlessly pause and resume mass groups of campaigns based on sale threshold.
  3. Easily apply negative keyword lists, including cross-account negative keywords, across multiple campaigns or accounts.
  4. Make email alerts when KPIs hit benchmarks or digress from historical performance.
  5. Easily identify and pause all ads with Final URLs that have 404 pages.
  6. Recognize and automatically pause ads when the item it is advertising is out of stock.
  7. Have a completely customisable visibility into almost any scenario you can dream up.
  8. Easily store and track quality scores by account, campaign, and ad group.
  9. Bing Ads Script does not only perform automation, it can as well pull external data and connect to APIs.

Bing Ads Scripts and Google Ads Scripts

Bing Ads Script is derived from the same JavaScript language that Google Ads Script is derived from. Although there are some differences between Google Ads Scripts and Bing Ads Scripts, they are x`both comparable in the way they are assessed and their user interface.

It is easier to convert Google scripts to Bing scripts as long as your script in Google Ads only contains classes that are available in Bing. You can also use your Google Ads scripts again by simply copying and pasting them. Once you click save, it will automatically make some changes to make them compatible with Bing Ads. Although, the functions that are not supported by Bing Ads Scripts will be automatically highlighted as an unrecognisable symbol.

Automating your basic tasks and reports with scripts, will spare you ample amount of to brainstorm ad copy and perform higher level strategy.

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