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Google’s updated iOS app pulls in YouTube videos, menus & more

Google ios App

The Google iOS app has been described by iTunes as ‘’the best of google in one app’’ and it just got better. On Wednesday, 4th January 2017, Google updated its iOS app to version 22.0, a revamped new version which includes several new features that allow users to do more without having to leave the app.

With the new version,users can now:

  • Play YouTube videos direct from cards on their feed, without having to open the YouTube app or access a new webpage.
  • View restaurant menus from restaurant search results,without actually having to visit the restaurant’s website. The Knowledge Graph Cards for restaurants search now have a new menu option and tapping on the menu option will allow users to view the restaurant’s menu.
  • View rates and booking info. All you have to do is to search the name of the hotel and expand the Knowledge Graph Box.

The new version of the app also has a built in Gboard, which allows users to change their keyboard to Google’s Gboard, without having to download it separately- as long as they have the google app installed and they change the necessary settings.

Google also updated its google calendar app on Thursday. The update turns the to-do app into a sport-orientated tool. In doing so, it brings the Apple Health integration into the iOS app.

With all the good stuff on the iOS app update,it’s beginning to feel like some users’ view that Google is making better Apps for iPhone than for Android and it might just be justified. Dieter Bohn on verge states that “Google on the iPhone is sometimes better than google on Android’’. I for one however, would like to see some of the cool features from the newly updated version 22.0, available on google on Android soon especially the YouTube videos.

We do know one thing for sure: Google did a good job on the newly update. The iOS 22.0 is great and we are loving it!

Best merge your PPC and SEO worlds and achieve cross-channel success

PPC SEO Cross Channel

Should we pay per click or should we just focus on search engine optimisation for our website? That is one of the questions business owners and campaign mangers ask themselves when they are looking to increase the traffic to their sites, as well as increase the conversion rate.

The answer to that question is that PPC and SEO both help you to get to a specific destination- just that they use different routes. It is not far-fetched to see that if the forces of the two combined, you would get to that destination quicker and in better shape. They complement each other.

Integrate SEO and PPC

When you combine your SEO strategies with your pay per click campaigns, you are able to share your search marketing goals between both options. They are different channels that when crossed, will bring you much success.SEO and PPC

There is no other way to say it. Ensure that you are integrating both channels and maximising the unique advantages they hold for your search marketing.

Things to note

  1. You will need to conduct keyword research to use both channels maximally. For either channel to be successful, keywords are the basis. In addition, keyword data generated from one channel must be shared with the other so as to make targeting better and more accurate.
  1. Share actionable data: Organic data from your SEO strategies is as important as the data you will get from your pay per click campaign. The data from both sources should be examined and used, to determine your actions going forward.
  1. With a combination of both, you are able to target the right people at the very right time in the right place and with the right organic content. That is too important to overlook. It is what you get when your pay to click campaign messages are right next to the organic listings of your website that you have achieved with your SEO strategies.
  1. If you are using the two channels, do not use them in a silo manner. Let both channels have shared goals that will guide their actions. They should not have separate goals.
  1. Budget: The issue of budget is always one of the top reasons why people are not excited about combining SEO and PPC. While the budget issue is indeed a legitimate concern, you can always custom create a combined SEO and PPC strategy that can suit your budget.

In conclusion, you can win at your search marketing by being open minded and flexible in your use of search engine optimisation techniques and pay per click campaigns. Combine forces.