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Keeping Up-to-Date with Google’s Latest AdWords Changes

Google Adwords

Google lately announced a number of important changes it made to AdWords at its last Performance summit in San Francisco. The modifications (6 of them) will allow advertisers close the divide between the digital and the real world.

Mobile was the main topic during the announcement, seeing as more than 50 percent of Google search occurs on a mobile device.

Not surprisingly, Google’s previous launches earlier in the year such as the Accelerated Mobile Pages was also focus on improving search on mobile. Others include removing the right-side ads on desktop search engine results and testing text advertisements with expanded fonts

Google’s 6 AdWords Updates are:

  1. Expanded search text ads

In the first quarter of this year, Google tried this feature with some marketers and observed a 20 percent increase in click-through rates where it was applied. The new ad characters are created to fit the screen size of popular smartphones, and provide more advertising space for brands to display more detailed product information.

  1. Mobile-responsive adverts for Google Display Network

AdWords native ad units will now easily be fit into different content types across the over 2 million publisher websites and apps. Pay-per-Click marketers only have to provide headlines, description of ad, photo and URL. Google will automatically enhance the ads to be offered as native ad components.

  1. Remarketing campaigns getting modified

AdWords will now allow you increase the reach of your Google Display Network remarketing campaigns by giving access to inter-change inventory. The ads will release new native inventory in apps and mobile sites on the content network. This is a boost for ads that have been depending on third-party networks to serve their native ads.

  1. Location search ads to be available on and Google maps

Although this new feature is still in the testing stage, these ads will help increase the in-store traffic of retailers. Almost a third of all mobile searches are from locations. This ad format will include promoted points for nearby businesses, and a new look for local business webpages.

  1. AdWords bid adjustments for specific devices

Google will offer the brands the ability to place individual bid adjustments for specific devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile and tablet. Advertisers will now be able to set keyword bids according to the devices their ads are displayed on. The feature will increase the level of control advertisers have for each product with respect to device promotion strategy.

  1. AdWords interface design

Adwords Redesign

The last update is a redesigned AdWords interface that will be launched in 2017. The interface is a minimalist, user-friendly platform that will be visible at the campaign, ad group and ad level categories.