What you need to know about Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads


The benefits of a well implemented PPC campaign are undeniable. With a thorough understanding of the keywords you want to rank for, you can gain exposure and visibility in an incredibly short time. Currently, Google AdWords gives you a line for your headline, your URL and 70 characters worth of ad text, or description copy. But that could soon change due the updated AdWords expanded text ads.


As part of Google’s commitment to regularly testing different ad forms with the goal of “providing useful information to users and driving even better results for advertisers”, they’re testing a new Google AdWords format in a closed beta known as Expanded Text Ads.

Extended Headlines

Before now, advertisers could only benefit from an extended headline if they ended the first line of their description with punctuation, such as an exclamation mark.  However, the new format features longer headlines for everyone and more room for description copy. Crafting a call to action in any situation is a tricky task that requires careful consideration for it to be a success, and with just 70 characters to make an impact, that job is made even harder, requiring you to convey your product’s benefits inside out and be brief.

However, Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads give you two lines of headline copy and an additional 10 characters of description copy, giving you 80 characters to play with.

URL format changes

As part of the Expanded Text Ads, advertisers will also add up to two paths to the domain. In the example provided by Search Engine Land, these directories are “/NewYorkCity” and “/Budget”.


This ultimately gives advertisers more freedom and flexibility in specifically targeting their ads to potential customers.

The closed beta isn’t due to begin until the 12th off May, but if it’s successful, you can be sure that Google will begin to roll out Expanded Text Ads to everybody. We’re hoping it works out – just think of the extra ad real estate you’ll have to craft some enticing copy that makes users click.

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