5 Key Facts About The Google AMP Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

It’s well known that web pages tend to take longer to load on mobiles when compared to viewing on a desktop machine. If you don’t already know, Google announced their Google AMP Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages) back in October 2015.

Google AMP Results
This screen shot shows the Google AMP search results for ‘london mayor election’.

Google started to roll out AMP results in the SERPs in February 2016. Here are some key points you want to be aware of regarding the new Google AMP Project update.

  1. The Google AMP project is an open source initiative that aims to improve the performance of the mobile web.
  1. Google has said that pages created with AMP HTML can load anywhere from 15% to 85% faster than then non-AMP versions of those pages.
  1. Pages that run on the AMP HTML will mean much faster mobile web for users, and for publishers using AMP a potential boost in search rankings (as Google consider site speed and mobile friendliness as pivotal for user experience).
  1. The little ‘lightning bolt’ symbol next to the result is meant to convey a faster loading time to users (although this is fairly ambiguous).
  1. Later on, other Google products such as Google News will also integrate AMP HTML pages.

In short, if you’re a publisher (website owner) reliant on search engine optimisation or Google organic traffic and want to get ahead of your competition. Consider integrating the Google AMP Project HTML within your current website to reap the potential rewards of increased Google organic traffic.

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