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Google Says There is No SEO Benefit to Linking Externally


John Mueller from Google has stated in a  recent Hangout that:

“From our point of view, this is really up to you.

It is not something that we would say that there is any SEO advantage of linking to someone else’s site. But if you think this is a link that helps users understand your site better, then maybe that makes sense.”

So from this we can understand that providing a high quality outbound link (to for example a wikipedia article), doesn’t necessarily have an SEO benefit. Of course, if this would be useful for the user, then it would make sense to include it. We all know Google is keen on a good ‘user experience’. So if this provides a better user experience then indirectly it may be good for SEO. Either way, there is no harm in providing the odd link out to an authoritative/informative website when engaged in your usual SEO practices.

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The Prevalent Role Played By The Internet In The Lives of People

The effectiveness of internet in the lives of the people: The coming of internet has changed the total scenario in the lives of the people. It has made the life of the people easy & simple. The use of internet has simplified the work of the people as everything is done with the help of internet. The gaining importance of internet in every field has made the people to come up with new & innovative ideas to use the internet in a better way. People are taking the help of the internet as it provides the correct information. Internet today is playing a decisive role in the lives of the people as everything is taking place with a few clicks.

The importance of SEO services in today’s world: Technology has got intertwined with the lives of the people & that is the reason people are finding it difficult to stay away from technology which has wide spread dominance in the lives of the people. SEO service is the result of the few genius minds who thought of integrating both internet & technology together to invent the services like SEO & PPC. The over use of internet by the people has convinced the business companies to take the help of internet in promoting & advertising about themselves to the internet surfers who are the prospective consumers. The full form of SEO is search engine optimization which includes attaining the highest rank in the search engine pages which a result is returned by the search engine. SEO company UK is doing successful business in this field & has countless no. of clients who avail their services.

The role of PPC Company: PPC Company is providing PPC services to the clients which is a popular internet advertising model provided to the clients who use the pay per click advertisement procedure in involves paying the publisher who is publishing the advertisement of the client when a viewer of the advertisement clicks on the advertisement of the advertisee. The payment is done with per click used by the users to view the advertisement. In this type of service the keyword plays the main role as it decides how many times the click will take place.

SEO Company UK are quiet popular in the world as they has the most experienced group of internet experts & techs whose specialize in this type of services.

Necessity of special knowledge of the experts to maintain PPC and SEO services

In most of the commercial hubs and business towns, clients find pay per click as well as search engine optimization services as the most important and innovative methods of managing websites. In fact, both of them are found to be quite similar to each other from the angle of information retrieval. Another point of similarities between them is that they are website traffics and their results are appeared as intermingled to each other on the page. Probably, this is the reason that leads the clients to misunderstand the fact that both PPC and SEO can be handled by a single agency. But in real terms, it is better to hire separate services for getting effective results within short time.

Importance of Pay per click management agency for the progress of the business:

The clients find apt correspondences between the two popular services of marketing campaign, PPC and SEO and so, they plan to save their money by hiring a single agency or company to manage them together. But in original terms, they are quite different and they need distinctive set of knowledge. In case of PPC, the range of analytical aspects is comparatively higher than its creative aspects so it requires persons with high analytical sense. The experienced and talented team members of the PPC Agency help the clients to make their websites at the highest rank as soon as the users try to stuff keywords to know the types of the business.

Significance of SEO services in managing advertisements:

SEO services are one of the quickest and easiest ways to enhance the visibility of the websites among the larger number of the viewers. Hence, it can be aptly said that
UK SEO Services is a blessing for prospering online business of any services and products. Since, most of the aspects of SEO are creative ones, the services are exclusively provided by experts who supply rich contents to increase the rankings of the websites.

Salient features of the PPC management company to tempt the clients:

PPC deals with pay per click mode; hence the clients can also keep their budget for the campaign within their conveniences. A few additional features of PPC Company are as followed.

•Quickest implementation
•Most controllable
•Budget friendly
•Save time and energy
•Control PPC adverts
•PPC optimization
•Reporting and tracking
•Ad copy writing
•PPC strategy.