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Google Launch New ‘AdBirds’ Functionality – Place Your Ads on Real Birds!

Google AdBirds Select Your Bird

After logging into one of our Client’s Google AdWords accounts today we noticed a new alert within our notification centre saying ‘Let your ads take flight with AdBirds. Increase your campaign reach by placing ads on real birds. Just select your bird, write your text and let it fly.’

AdBirds Message in AdWords notification centre
Message in AdWords notification centre


Naturally always wanting to be at the cutting edge of Paid Search, we clicked ‘view’ and were presented with the following page:

Choose your text ad for your 'AdBird'
Choose your text ad for your ‘AdBird’

As you can see, there is the option to place text on the beak, head, wings and tail feathers of the AdBird. The character limits seem to follow the standard character limits for text AdWords text ads, 25 characters for the title and 35 for line 1, line 2 and display URL.

You also have the option to select which ad-group you want the AdBirds to be attributed to. According to Google the birds are targeted based on the settings of your campaign and are subject to migratory flying patterns!

You can choose between having a sparrow, owl, duck, eagle, pigeon or even a penguin. Though I would assume the CPC’s for penguins would be a lot less, as they can’t actually fly.

There is a small disclaimer saying:

“What happens next? Your AdBird will be reviewed by Google, and may not fly until that review is complete. Most AdBirds are reviewed within one working day. No birds will be harmed by using this ad format.”

After inputting your ad/bird text you can then click ‘let’s fly’ and you are presented with the following:

Google AdWords 'AdBirds' April Fools 2014
Google AdWords ‘AdBirds’ April Fools 2014


Happy April Fools Day from firstClick digital!

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