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Firstclick Digital Attending the London A4U Expo 2012


a4u expo 2012 - Meet Me Logo

The Firstclick Digital team will be at the London a4u Expo 2012 on 16/17 October.

This year should be good, with a mixture of networks, merchants, agencies and publishers attending. This is THE event to attend in the performance marketing space, so get involved if you have’t already.

Why Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing offers a no/low risk way of increasing sales for any advertiser. Whether you are small or big, it makes sense to branch out into performance marketing (also known as affiliate marketing).  An advertiser only pays for an acquisition (ie, lead, sale, signup, application etc).

With the cost of traditional/offline advertising still sky high, combined with the current economic climate, performance marketing offers the perfect opportunity to generate incremental sales online.

Performance Marketing is on the Rise. Meet us at the a4u expo 2012

Performance marketing can be delivered via a number of different channels, such as; Search, Comparison/Deals/Promocode sites, Email Marketing, display, etc. Different channels may better suit certain advertisers. For example, if you run a company that sells products that Google doesn’t allow you to advertise for freely, then you could potentially look to partner up with a deals/promocode site in order to generate some extra sales.

At Firstclick Digital, we offer Paid Search/PPC on a performance basis. IE  If we don’t perform  we don’t make any money! See below for a simple breakdown of how we can generate more sales for any campaign we manage:

Landing Page Creation and Optimisation
• Bespoke Design
• Increased Conversion Rates
• Exposure

Complete Management
• Management of all your PPC activity
• Pure cost per acquisition

More Sales/Conversions
• High quality customers
• Increasing volumes

Get in touch with terry[at] (Head of Partnerships) or fill out this contact form,  to arrange a meeting on either day 1 or 2 of the a4u 2012 expo, or any other day that suits you.