AdWords iPad Compatibility – Using AdWords on The New iPad 3

Adwords iPad Compatibility - New iPad 3
It’s no secret that Google is still the number one search engine to advertise on.  And whether you are a large agency managing multiple client accounts, or a small one person business, every now and then you will have to log into the Adwords online interface to check or manage your account(s).

Since the launch of the first generation iPad, tech savvy search marketers have been interested to know whether or not they could log into their AdWords accounts/MCC while on the move.

A quick Google Search for ‘adwords ipad’ or ‘adwords on ipad’ will come up with a list of forums /blogs not really providing much  information for someone who is sitting on the fence with regards to getting an iPad based on whether or not there are prominent AdWords iPad compatibility issues.

There may be times when you need to access your Adwords account when you are not in the office or in front of a computer/mac or laptop.  In such cases, the Adwords iPad combo seems like the perfect option.

Here at Firstclick Digital, we managed to get our hands on the new iPad, also unofficially referred to as the iPad 3 soon after it was launched (released on 16th March 2012), and decided to see if it was fit for the task.

We put it to use and have provided our findings below.  We have also outlined some useful tips to take into account when accessing your Adwords account via the new iPad (ie: looking at the Google AdWords iPad compatibility)

Firstly, it’s important to point out that although many AdWords iPad users report compatibility issues when trying to access Adwords via safari on their (first and second generation) iPads, it does actually work on the new third generation iPad – you just need to know a few tricks.

  1. Make sure that you have another website open on separate tab first. We don’t know why this works but it just does. It somehow prevents Safari crashing when you log into Adwords (if not, Safari may likely crash within 30 seconds of logging in – a standard Adwords iPad comparability issue associated with the iPad 2). The same goes for the My Client Centre as well.
  2. When navigating through your Adwords account, be patient and just click once.  Don’t double click any link, button or tab once logged in. For some reason this may cause Adwords to start to lag or even cause safari to crash.  Just click once and let the page load, after a few seconds (depending on the speed of your Internet connection), you can click on another link/navigation button. This will prevent any AdWords iPad related crashes.
  3. If for some reason, you wish to dig a little deeper into your account (for instance looking at individual keywords), you may notice some lag. If you were to click on a particular ad group then navigate to the keyword level, you may notice that the keyword list simply fails to load. In which case (after allowing the necessary number of seconds for loading), you will need to click on one of the other tabs (such as ads, settings etc) then click back on the ‘keywords’ tab again.  Now you should be able to see your list of keywords without the AdWords iPad compatibility issues associated with previous versions of Apple’s flagship tablet device.


AdWords iPad live display image
AdWords looks super smooth on the new iPad's retina display

What you probably will be using your iPad for: 

  • Adjusting Campaign budgets on the go
  • Changing settings of a campaign
  • Adjusting AdGroup bids (maybe keyword bids as well…)
  • Viewing account performance
  • Pausing/Un-pausing groups, ads and keywords
  • Showing clients/colleagues overall account performance via the campaigns tab/graph

What you probably won’t be using your iPad for:

  • Doing large search query reports
  • Adjusting a large number of bids at the keyword level
  • Adding new keywords (although you can, this is slightly tedious)
  • Creating new campaigns, ad groups, ads


In a nutshell, the new iPad is a fit device to access Google AdWords from. It falls in line with the general purpose of the new iPad, and that’s to be a device used for data consumption rather than production. Therefore, you probably won’t be doing any complex AdWords based tasks, but you will definitely be using it to check on your account(s) and making simple and useful changes to them without encountering any major AdWords iPad compatibility issues. That being said, even on a mac/pc you probably would be using the AdWords interface for the same reasons as you would on the new iPad and doing the more complex account management via a tool like AdWords Editor.

The new iPad is definitely a worthwhile investment for the ever busy search marketer. The sharp visuals make for an overall pleasurable experience, not to mention allowing proposals/presentations to look all the more better!

I wouldn’t hurt Google to release a dedicated Adwords iPad application (similar to AdWords Editor). Just a thought…

UPDATE: Google released Chrome (browser) for the iPad on June 28th 2012. Naturally, this browser is a lot more compatible with AdWords than Safari is. If you wish to access your AdWords MCC or individual account, use Chrome instead of Safari.

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  1. Hi Walter,

    We tested Chrome quite extensively on The New iPad (iPad 3) only. We didn’t notice any crashes. Although, at times it was a little non responsive. I suggest trying to just click once on a tab/link etc then giving the browser a few seconds to render the new page. Hope this helps.


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