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Top 5 Tips for Launching a Successful Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Top 5 Tips for PPC Post it Note

For this post we have decided to cut straight to the point and give you (what we consider to be the top 5 tips) for launching a successful/profitable pay per click advertising campaign.

1. Keyword research: It is important to target the most relevant search terms when building a keyword list. After all, keywords are at the root of any ‘search’ pay per click advertising campaign. Negative keyword research is just as important as positive keyword research. Tip: use Google’s Keyword Tool or Word Tracker to start generating your keyword list.

2. Account Structure: Create separate campaigns for different products/services. You can set a separate budget for each campaign which allows different sets of keywords to ‘express’ themselves without having to share a budget with thousands of other keywords. Create laser targeted Ad Groups for sub level products/services. Don’t put 100’s of keywords in one Ad Group, try to limit your keywords to 1-3 per ad group (this helps with optimisation of the pay per click advertising campaign). Unless the keywords are extremely similar, we usually place no more than 3 keywords per ad group. If you want to expand your reach, then learn to use your keyword matching options (i.e.: broad, phrase, exact, broad match modified, advance match, etc). Tip: Use AdWords Editor to arrange your account structure with ease.

3. Conversion Tracking: It is important to set up some type of conversion tracking before you launch your pay per click advertising campaign. This way you can see which keywords are yielding conversions and which ones aren’t. Google AdWords offers free conversion tracking capabilities as well as Microsoft AdCentre (Bing), Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Analytics.

4. Landing Pages: A good landing pages can help increase your ‘quality score’ and increase your conversion rates. Most PPC networks (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) use automated systems to check landing pages, but then again keep in mind that Google employees periodically review landing pages in person as well. If they don’t think you have a great landing page their likely to smack your quality scores or your website –we have seen this happen many times (it is often referred to as a ‘Google Slap!’). Try to create landing pages that are as relevant as possible to what the user is searching for. Naturally, this makes sense as it will also help with conversion rates and therefore yield a better ROI. Tip: Networks such as Google now want advertisers to be very ‘transparent’. Therefore, make sure your website/landing page conforms to all of the guidelines for whichever network you intend to advertise on.

5. A / B Testing: Aside from keyword/bid optimisation, this is the most important form of optimisation that you should do. Pay per click advertisers should always A / B test their ads along with landing pages. Don’t be lazy – just do it. Too many advertisers overlook this (small changes can make huge differences).

Implement these 5 tips and you will be well on your way to a successful and rewarding pay per click advertising campaign.

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